Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for VERY, IN MUSIC [assai]
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What word in music means very?

ASSAI. A direction equivalent to very; as, adagio assai, very slow.

Which musical direction means very?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for VERY, IN MUSICAL DIRECTIONS [assai]

What is very in music scores?

The crossword clue Very, in music scores with 5 letters was last seen on the November 07, 2021. We think the likely answer to this clue is ASSAI. Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank.

What are the main musical terms?

  • Crescendo (cresc): Gradually increase the volume.
  • Decrescendo (decresc. ): Gradually softer.
  • Diminuendo (dim. …
  • Forte (f): Strong or loud.
  • Fortepiano (fp): Loud then immediately soft.
  • Fortissimo (ff): Very strong or loud.
  • Mezzo: medium or moderately (as in mezzo piano or mezzo soprano)
  • Morendo: Die away.
What is Clair de Lune melody?

Clair de lune, (French: Moonlight) the third segment in Suite bergamasque, a four-movement composition for piano by French composer Claude Debussy, begun in 1890 and revised and published in 1905. The gentle “Clair de lune” provides an elegant contrast to the suite’s sprightly second and fourth movements.

What does dynamics mean in music?

Strictly speaking, dynamics refer to the variations in LOUDNESS of a musical composition or specific NOTEs. Compare: DYNAMIC RANGE, VOLUME. The most common dynamic markings, from quietest to loudest, are the following: pp. pianissimo (very soft)

How do you say fast in musical terms?

Allegro – fast, quickly and bright (109–132 BPM) Vivace – lively and fast (132–140 BPM) Presto – extremely fast (168–177 BPM) Prestissimo – even faster than Presto (178 BPM and over)

What is the musical direction meaning slowly?

1. ADAGIO. “Slowly” When a piece of music specifies the tempo — or speed — as “adagio,” it should be played slowly, at approximately 65-75 beats per minute (b.p.m.) on a metronome. “Adagio” can also be used as a noun to refer to any composition played at this tempo.

Which musical direction means in a leisurely manner?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for IN A LEISURELY MANNER (MUSIC) [adagio]

What is a large feather called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for LARGE FEATHER [plume]

What does Assai mean in English?

: very —used with tempo direction in music allegro assai.

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What are the 5 musical terms?

  • Instrumentation.
  • Rhythm and Tempo.
  • Melody and Harmony.
  • Dynamics.
  • Chords.
  • Using These Terms (and others)
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What are the example of musical terms?

  • Accent. An accent is when a specific note or phrase is emphasized with an increase in intensity above other non-accented notes.
  • Accidental. …
  • Adagio. …
  • Allegro. …
  • Alto. …
  • Andante. …
  • Arpeggio. …
  • Bar.
How do you describe music in musical terms?

What is the tempo of Clair de Lune?

Clair de Lune is a song by Claude Debussy with a tempo of 69 BPM. It can also be used double-time at 138 BPM.

What did Debussy mean when he said that the rule by which he composed was Mon Plaisir?

When asked what rule he followed, he scandalised his harmony teachers by answering: “Mon plaisir” (My pleasure). … Although Debussy disliked this term as applied to music, it is accepted now to refer to the composers’ use of harmony and texture in a way that recalls the light and colour of Impressionist painting.

What is the musical elements of Clair de Lune?

Debussy uses both the character of baroque dance and ternary form in Prelude, Menuet, and Passepied, and ternary form in “Clair de Lune.” He applies some distinguishing elements from Baroque dances to the three pieces with dance titles, while using the structure of ternary form. The Prelude uses ternary form.

What does the musical term piano mean?

piano Add to list Share. … Piano comes from the original Italian name for the instrument: piano e forte, “soft and loud.” Piano is also the musical notation that tells the player that something should be played quietly.

What is SF in music?

sf. Sforzando: sudden accent. > (marked near note head) Accent: emphasis on a particular note. Dynamics and the many different Italian terms that describe the loudness or softness of music.

What is the meaning of melody in music?

melody, in music, the aesthetic product of a given succession of pitches in musical time, implying rhythmically ordered movement from pitch to pitch. Melody in Western music by the late 19th century was considered to be the surface of a group of harmonies.

What is a Largo in music?

Definition of largo (Entry 1 of 3) : at a very slow tempo —used as a direction in music.

What is the Italian word for very quiet in music?

To notate this we add the suffix issimo to piano which gives us pianissimo (pp) which means very quiet.

What does the term Accelerando mean?

: gradually faster —used as a direction in music. accelerando.

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What does Dolce mean in music?

Definition of dolce : soft, smooth —used as a direction in music.

What is Vivace in music?

Definition of vivace (Entry 2 of 2) : in a brisk spirited manner —used as a direction in music.

What does Doloroso mean in music?

Definition of doloroso : sorrowful —used as a direction in music.

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What is musical terms and signs?

a tempoin timepp (pianissimo)very quietrallentando (or rall.)gradually getting slowerritardando (or rit.)gradually getting slowerstaccato (or stacc.)short and detached

What does MIDI stand for?

MIDI, in full musical instrument digital interface, technology standard allowing electronic musical instruments to communicate with one another and with computers.

What does polyphonic mean?

polyphony, in music, the simultaneous combination of two or more tones or melodic lines (the term derives from the Greek word for “many sounds”). Thus, even a single interval made up of two simultaneous tones or a chord of three simultaneous tones is rudimentarily polyphonic.