The setting of the book overall takes place in the western hemisphere. In the beginning of the book, Enrique lives in Honduras and grows up there. When he gets older and decides to look for his mother, he travels through Mexico for most of the book.
What is the setting of exit west? exit west publisher.

What year did Enrique's journey take place?

It is Jan. 29, 1989. His mother steps off the porch.

What is the plot of Enrique's Journey?

Enrique’s Journey recounts the unforgettable quest of a Honduran boy looking for his mother, eleven years after she is forced to leave her starving family to find work in the United States.

What is going on during the time period of your book Enrique's Journey?

In the time period of “Enrique’s Journey” there is a lot of immigration, drugs, poverty, and in general a bad society in Honduras going on.

Where is Enrique now Enrique's Journey?

Enrique continues to paint houses in Florida. Maria Isabel, his ex-wife, recently married someone else, the brother of Lourdes’ husband.

How many children like Enrique make the journey to the United States?

Virtually unnoticed, he will become one of an estimated 48,000 children who enter the United States from Central America and Mexico each year, illegally and without either of their parents. Roughly two-thirds of them will make it past the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Many go north seeking work.

Who is Maria Isabel in Enrique's Journey?

Maria Isabel is Enrique’s girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Jasmin. She loves Enrique and is devastated when he decides to leave in search of his mother.

How does Enrique change throughout the story?

As he grows up, he becomes more and more intent on reuniting with his mother. On his journey, he shows emotional and physical strength that will help him when he arrives in the United States. Rebuilding his relationship with his mother proves difficult, but he persists.

What is the ending of Enrique journey?

Finally, she decides to go to the United States to join Enrique. If she leaves now, the chances that her daughter will be able to come to America and grow up with both her parents will be higher. The book ends much in the same way that it begins: with a mother leaving behind her young child, unable to say goodbye.

Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and had many abandonment issues. Furthermore, a beloved uncle dies, and this causes him a lot of troubled. He even turns to drugs in search of comfort. … The gifts are accepted by Enrique and Belky, but they would never be enough compared to their mother’s presence.

What obstacles does belky face?

Belky is not having a human rights issue obstacle because she is not immigration she is in her same town. Father is not having a human rights issue he is just turning his back on family. Grandma Maria is not having a human rights issue she is just having the struggle of caring for someone young when you are old.

What is going on during the time period of your book war drought excess of money prejudices political unrest etc?

What is going on during the time period of your book? (war, drought, excess of money, prejudices, political unrest, etc.) The time period during this book is in the Depression of 1930’s. How does that element affect the plot, setting, and characters of your book?

Who is Carmen in Enrique's Journey?

Enrique’s friend, who joins him on his first, failed attempt to go north. Nazario’s housekeeper, Carmen, inspires her to write a story about immigrant mothers and their children. Carmen’s son, who comes to the U.S., unannounced, to find his mother and learn if she still loves him.

How many pages does Enrique journey have?

Publisher:Random House Children’s Books
Publication date:08/05/2014
Edition description:Reprint
How old is Enrique from Enriques Journey?

ABOUT THE BOOK After difficult stays with other relatives, Enrique sets out to find his mother. He is 16 years old when he makes the first of seven failed attempts to get through Mexico in the hopes of crossing the border into the United States.

How many kids does Lourdes have Enrique's Journey?

The story of Enrique’s Journey, when Lourdes a single-mother who left Honduras and had two children that stayed on their homeland.

How long does Enrique give himself to try and migrate to the United States?

Addicted to drugs and kicked out of his grandmother’s home, 16-year-old Enrique gives himself one year to find his mother in the United States and sets off alone on the dangerous journey through Guatemala and Mexico.

What is Enrique's nickname in Nuevo Laredo?

Each time he tried to cross, he says, he went alone. Enrique listens. They call him El Hongo, the mushroom, because he is quiet, soaking everything in.

Who is Olga and what does she teach Enrique?

Olga Sánchez Martínez runs a new refugee center in southern Mexico to help Central American women and children fleeing violence in their home countries. For nearly two decades she has also operated another shelter for migrants harmed by Mexico’s freight train, La Bestia, ministering to those left without arms or legs.

How does Enrique show resilience?

He gives himself a time limit that shows his perseverance and the gravity of his decision: he will make it to his mother even if it takes a year. Despite the dangerous circumstances jumping trains, facing corrupt policemen, immigration checkpoints and officers, bandits, and gangsters, Enrique persists.

What did the woman smuggler ask for when she called Lourdes upon arriving in the United States with Enrique?

Finally, Lourdes cries. She asks about Belky, her daughter in Honduras; her own mother; and the deaths of two brothers. … Enrique likes the people in the trailer, especially his mother’s boyfriend; he could be a better father than his own dad, who abandoned him to start another family.

Where does Maria Isabel get a job when she moves back in with her mother in Chapter 7?

In Honduras, Maria Isabel decides to move from her house where she lives with Enrique’s family and back into her mother’s home. They live in a rundown hut in a poor part of an area called Los Tubos. Maria Isabel gets a job at a mall downtown, and she is able to make money to provide for her daughter.

Who helped Enrique?

A Latino driver is one of three coyotes who help get Enrique over the border and reunite him with his mother, Lourdes. Father Leonardo López Guajardo is a priest in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, who helps Enrique reach his mother, Lourdes, by telephone.

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When did Lourdes leave Enrique?

At the age of twenty-four, with her husband having left her, and her two children (Enrique and his older sister Belky) hungry, Lourdes has decided to leave behind her state of impoverishment in Honduras in the hope of finding something better in the United States.

Who is Gabi in Enrique's Journey?

o in : CIT w COMPANIONSHIP Enrique and Ermis make another friend, a fifteen-year-old girl, Mery Gabriela Posas Izaguirre, or Gabi, as she prefers to be called. She tells them her story.

Who is Lourdes in Enrique's Journey?

Lourdes is Enrique, Belky, and Diana’s mother. Leaving her children in Honduras is an extremely difficult decision for her, but she does so in order to support them by sending back money. When she arrives in the U.S., she struggles to have a steady job and find a good partner.

Who wrote Enrique's Journey?

Sonia Nazario is the author of the national bestseller Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite With His Mother, which has been published in eight languages.

What is Enrique's mother's hometown?

Summary. When Enrique was five years old, his mother, Lourdes, decided to move to the United States from Honduras in order to support her two children financially.