j. the tenth letter of the English alphabet. J is a consonant.

Also, what is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet?

kappa –

what is the 28th letter of the alphabet? There are 26 letters to the English alphabet, with two of the letters — “A” and “I” — themselves also constituting words. But as seen above, another character — the ampersand (&) — also, at times, was included among the current 26. And amazingly, the word “ampersand” is probably a byproduct of the symbol's inclusion.

Secondly, what number in the alphabet is R?

Letters in the alphabet:

Letter NumberLetter

What's the fifth letter in the alphabet?


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What are the 24 Greek letters?

These twenty-four letters (each in uppercase and lowercase forms) are: Α α, Β β, Γ γ, Δ δ, Ε ε, Ζ ζ, Η η, Θ θ, Ι ι, Κ κ, Λ λ, Μ μ, Ν ν, Ξ ξ, Ο ο, Π π, Ρ ρ, Σ σ/ς, Τ τ, Υ υ, Φ φ, Χ χ, Ψ ψ, and Ω ω.

Greek alphabet

  • Greece.
  • Cyprus.
  • European Union.

What letter is T in the alphabet?

T or t is the 20th letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Its name in English is tee (pronounced /ˈtiː/), plural tees.

What is the fifth Greek letter called?


What are the Greek letters ofthe alphabet?

Greek alphabet list
Upper Case LetterLower Case LetterGreek Letter Name

What is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet?

letter xi

What's the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet?

kappa – the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. lambda – the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. mu – the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet. nu – the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet.

What is the sixth Greek letter?

sixth greek letter (4)
Sixth Greek letter
Put money on a second Greek letter (4)

What is the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet?

20th letter in the greek alphabet (7)
20th letter in the Greek alphabet (7)
The 20th letter in the Hebrew alphabet (4)

What number looks like G?

The number ‘6' is the number most use as the letter ‘G‘. Simply because it looks like a ‘G‘ in most countries font styles. We have two possible letters which ‘8' could replace.

What number is the letter U?

Letters in the alphabet:
Letter NumberLetter

What's the 7th letter of the alphabet?


Where is S in the alphabet?

Position of letters in English Alphabets
Position of S in English Alphabets is19
Position of T in English Alphabets is20
Position of U in English Alphabets is21
Position of V in English Alphabets is22

How many letters are in the Chinese alphabet?

There are approximately 5,000–7,000 characters in Chinese Language. Chinese characters are logograms used in the writing of Chinese and some other Asian languages. In Standard Chinese, and sometimes also in English, they are called hànzì (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??).

What number looks like the letter A?

A Number ‘3' on a number plate is basically the reverse of the letter ‘E'. You will see many number plates using a ‘3' so try replacing this with an ‘E' and see if you can figure out what it is trying to read. The number ‘4' is a favourite number for those who want an ‘A' look alike on their number plates.

What is the 27th letter in the alphabet?

“Et” was the 27th letter of the alphabet. And actually, you can still find it on your keyboard! Now most people call this character an “ampersand” or simply “and”, but this character was actually considered a letter!

What is U in the alphabet?

U or u is the 21st and sixth-to-last letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet and the fifth vowel letter of the modern English alphabet. Its name in English is u (pronounced /ˈjuː/), plural ues.

Which country has its own alphabet?

Ethiopia is a country which has its own distinct alphabet, located in Eastern Africa. It borders Kenya, South Sudan, Somali, Djibouti and Sudan.

Is Z being removed from the alphabet?

The Letter “Z” Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet. Surprising as it sounds, it looks like the English alphabet will be losing one of its letters on June 1st. The announcement came from the English Language Central Commission (ELCC).

What word takes 3 hours to say?

A man has been recorded spending more than three hours to pronounce what is supposedly the longest word in the English language. ‘Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl isoleucine' is the chemical name of ‘titin' (also known as ‘connectin') – the largest known protein. It has 189,819 letters.