A digital multimeter is a test tool used to measure two or more electrical values—principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). It is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electrical/electronic industries.
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What is multimeter and its uses?

A multimeter is mainly used to measure the three basic electrical characteristics of voltage, current, and resistance. It can also be used to test continuity between two points in an electrical circuit. … Multimeters can be used for testing batteries, household wiring, electric motors, and power supplies.

What are the three main functions of the multimeter?

  • Measuring voltage. Voltage is the easiest and the most important electrical quantity that electricians need to measure when working with electric devices. …
  • Measuring resistance. …
  • Continuity test. …
  • Conclusion.
What can a multimeter test?

Multimeter. A multimeter or a multitester, also known as a volt/ohm meter or VOM, is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter may include features such as the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance.

What is multimeter work?

A multimeter is a tool designed to troubleshoot electrical and electronic circuits and is used for checking voltages to confirm proper operating levels. Standard multimeters measure current, resistance, and voltage. More expensive models can measure capacitance and inductance as well.

What are the advantages of multimeter?

There are more accurate than an analog multimeter. Portable size makes it is easy to carry anywhere. They have a very high input impedance. They cause less meter loading effects on the circuit being tested.

Can multimeter measure AC?

Most multimeters can measure AC (alternating current) systems, but AC circuits can be dangerous.

How is measurement used in everyday life?

Measurements continue to play an important role throughout everybody’s life, for example, during a medical check-up, a sports competition, when building a house, when controlling temperature in appliances, or while cooking. …

What is function of multimeter and power supply?

A power supply is a device that provides the energy required to power up a circuit and a multimeter is capable of measuring circuit and device parameters such as voltage, current, resistance and continuity.

What is the price of multimeter?

BrandMin PriceMax Price
FlukeRs 1500/PieceRs 17800/Piece
MecoRs 583/PieceRs 1300/Piece
MetraviRs 850/PieceRs 5500/Piece
RishabhRs 1580/PieceRs 8000/Piece
Do multimeters need batteries?

Multimeters indicate the presence of, and measure the quantity of, electrical properties such as voltage, current, and resistance. … If your multimeter is digital, it will require a small battery to operate. If it is analog, it does not need a battery to measure voltage. Some digital multimeters are autoranging.

What is voltmeter diagram?

Schematic symbol In circuit diagrams, a voltmeter is represented by the letter V in a circle, with two emerging lines representing the two points of measurement.

How do I use a multimeter to measure voltage?

  1. Turn the dial to ṽ. Some digital multimeters (DMMs) also include m ṽ . …
  2. First insert the black lead into the COM jack.
  3. Next insert the red lead into the VΩ jack. …
  4. Connect the test leads to the circuit: black lead first, red second. …
  5. Read the measurement in the display.
What are the differences between DC and AC voltmeter?

The main key difference between DC voltmeter and AC voltmeter: … The DC voltmeter measures the peak value of DC voltage but the AC voltmeter measures the RMS value of the AC voltage. DC voltmeter does do not use a rectifier before a multistage amplifier whereas the AC voltmeter measures the RMS value of the AC voltage.

Who invented multimeter?

In 1920, a British Post Office engineer, Donald Macadie, is credited with inventing the very first multimeter. The story goes that he was frustrated that he needed to carry a bunch of different tools when working on telecom lines, so he created one tool that could measure amperes, volts, and ohms.

How many types of multimeter are there?

Multimeters are divided into two types depending on the way the indication is displayed: analog and digital. Analog multimeters are multifunction electrical measuring instruments with indication by means of an arrow (analog) scale.

Is a battery AC or DC?

All batteries, including the lithium-ion batteries powering everything from electric vehicles to drones to computers, operate with direct current (DC). A majority of appliances rely on AC, or alternating-current, power sources.

What is DC meter?

DC voltmeter is a measuring instrument, which is used to measure the DC voltage across any two points of electric circuit. … It basically limits the amount of current that flows through galvanometer in order to prevent the meter current from exceeding the full scale deflection value.

How do you know if AC or DC current?

One way to determine if you have an AC-DC power supply or a DC-DC model is to look at the device itself. Often, the input and output information will appear somewhere on the surface. If the input is AC, you have an AC-DC power supply, and you have a DC-DC model if the input and output both are DC.

Why do we need measurement system?

Modern society simply could not exist without measurement. … Time, size, distance, speed, direction, weight, volume, temperature, pressure, force, sound, light, energy—these are among the physical properties for which humans have developed accurate measures, without which we could not live our normal daily lives.

What is the purpose of measuring?

The purposes of measurement can be categorized as measurement being in the service of quality, monitoring, safety, making something fit (design, assembly), and problem solving.

What are the application of measurement?

– Certain applications of measuring instruments may be characterized as having essentially a monitoring function, e.g., thermometers, barometers, and water, gas, and electric meters, automotive speedometer and fuel gage, and compass. – One of the most important classes of measurement application.

How does multimeter measure frequency?

Working Principle. A digital multimeter that can measure frequency has a peak-detection circuit. The meter measures the time between the two consecutive crests (peak of waveform) using the peak-detection circuit. it detects the peak of the input waveform and starts the timer.

What will happen if you expose multimeter into water?

You could technically submerge your device in pure water and it won’t destroy it. Pure water is a very poor conductor, so it won’t affect your electronic devices very much if at all.

Which multimeter is best in India?

  • Mextech Mas830l 3 Digit, 1999 Counts, 600 Ac/dc Voltage Digital Multimeter. …
  • Mastech Mas830L Digital Multimeter. …
  • Uni-T Ut-33D Digital Multimeter With Continuity Buzzer And Calibration Certificate And Test Leads. …
  • SCHOFIC Plastic Digital LCD Pocket Multi Meter/AC-DC Voltage. …
  • Easy Electronics UNI-T UT-33 Digital Multimeter.
What is the rate of multimeter in India?

Latest Multimeters ModelsPriceMeco 101B+ Autoranging Digital Multimeter₹1270Meco Autoranging Digital Multimeter, 153B+TRMS₹1795Meco 750V Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter, 171B+TRMS₹1905Meco 6000 Counts Autoranging Digital Multimeter with 1 Year Warranty, 108B+TRMS₹1482

Which multimeter is best?

Multimeter KitsRangeVoltageInnova Digital MultimeterAuto200mV – 600VKAIWEETS Digital MultimeterAuto750V – 1000 VPlusivo Store Digital MultimeterDigital600vAstroAI Digital MultimeterManual500V

How do I charge my multimeter?

  1. Remove the test leads from the multimeter.
  2. Turn the rotary switch to the. NEVER rotate the rotary switch while the battery is being charged.
  3. Plug the DC adapter into a power outlet.
  4. Insert the red (+) and black (–) banana plugs (4 mm plugs) of the DC adapter to the.
What are the two colors of multimeter probe?

Your multimeter should have two wired probes color-coded red and black. They’re insulated in plastic, have metal tips and are typically pen-shaped. The black probe connects to your multimeter’s “COM” terminal.

What are the parts of voltmeter?

  • Positive input terminal (usually red)
  • Negative input terminal (usually black)
  • Display, where you’ll see the results of the measurement. If your meter is analog you’ll have to read the results from a scale.
What should a 12 volt battery read on a multimeter?

A fully charged battery will typically display a voltmeter reading of about 12.6 to 12.8 volts. If your voltmeter is showing a voltage anywhere between 12.4 and 12.8, that means your battery is in good shape. Any voltage above 12.9 volts is a good indicator that your battery has excessive voltage.

Can I test a car battery with a multimeter?

Using a Multimeter to Test a Car Battery Connect the multimeter to the positive and negative battery terminals. If you don’t have a voltage of around 12.6 volts, you may have a bad battery. … If your voltage drops below 5 when the car is running, it is bad and should be replaced right away.

What voltage is a car battery?

Fully charged automotive batteries should measure at 12.6 volts or above. When the engine is running, this measurement should be 13.7 to 14.7 volts. If you don’t have a multimeter to tell you the voltage of your battery, you can do a test of your electrical system by starting the car and turning on the headlights.

Can you use a multimeter as a test light?

If you don’t happen to have a working bulb handy, you can use a light socket tester or test the fixture with a multimeter. … There are two procedures to check a light socket with a multimeter, one of which requires the power to be on and another you can do with the power off.

How do you measure DC voltage with a multimeter?

  1. Then insert the red probes into the V Ω jack. When finished, remove the probes in reverse order: red first, then black.
  2. Connect the test probes to the circuit: black to the negative polarity test point (circuit ground), red to positive test point.
What are the symbols on multimeter?


What is ac voltmeter?

An AC voltmeter is a device that measures the (peak) oscillating current I0 across a large resistor R0 that is attached to leads whose tips, 1 and 2, may be connected to some other circuit. … AC voltmeters typically report the root-mean-square voltage Vrms = I0(R0 + Rleads)/ √ 2 rather than I0(R0 + Rleads).

What is voltmeter in BYJU's?

A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring the voltage or potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit. The voltmeter is always connected parallel. … The digital voltmeter shows the voltage in numerical, it has an analog to digital converter.

How many coils are in a voltmeter?

Electrodynamometer Type Voltmeter Principle We have two coils, fixed and moving coils. If a voltage is applied at the two coils as a result of which current flows two coils it will stay in the zero position due to the development of equal and opposite torque.