A versatile grease that exhibits high performance mainly as wheel bearing grease for large to small vehicles, and has excellent heat resistance and water resistance.
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What is MP grease?

MP grease means Multi Purpose grease and it is generally for automotive, and light vehicle applications. It provides the right coating from elements and water and allows the parts to be well protected. Synthetic multi-purpose grease is the best choice for all kinds of temperatures, environments and vehicle systems.

What is difference between ep2 and EP3 grease?

Mobilux EP 2 is recommended for multipurpose applications in antifriction and plain bearings, bushings and pins under normal operating conditions. Mobilux EP 3 is a stiffer NLGI grade 3 grease recommended for applications where maximum protection against penetration of water or solid contaminants is required.

What does ep1 grease mean?

‘EP’ stands for ‘Extreme Pressure‘ and is a term used to describe lubricant applications that are subjected to high load conditions. Additives, both physical and chemical, are used in grease formulations to give a product its high load capabilities or ‘EP’ performance.

What is EPI grease?

PETRONAS Gris EPI is a premium quality lead-free extreme pressure multi-purpose lithium hydroxystearate grease specially formulated to provide excellent performance for heavy duty and shock loads applications in the areas of corrosion protection, low temperature pumpability, high temperature service life and load …

Which grease is best?

  • Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease. This grease is composed of a lithium-based complex thickened in oil, along with premium grade additives. …
  • Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease. …
  • Maxima 80916 Waterproof Grease.
What is the difference between EP2 and epl2 grease?

The EPL has a built in flash, the EP series does not. The EP has a better build quality, the EPL is more in line with usual consumer grade, although the 2 is better than the EPL-1 (yuck, looks ugly as sin… like a Sony IMO). Just look at the EP-2 review here at DPreview and compare it to the Preview of the EPL-2.

What is EP2 grease used for?

About Smith & Allan Lithium EP2 Grease – General Multi Purpose Heat Resistant. A lithium soap thickened extreme pressure grease, for use in anti-friction and plain bearings that may be subject to high load conditions.

Is EP grease good for wheel bearings?

EP2 lithium grease is best used for applications that involve a wide range of temperatures and high/extreme pressure conditions. … It is also great for the wheel bearings of conventional and disc brakes where conventional grease can and will usually melt.

What does EP2 stand for?

EP2Extracellular Protein 2
EP2Ectopic Pregnancy 2
What is the difference between ep0 and ep1 grease?

Grease Lithium EP 00 and 0 are suitable for steel mill lubricant and heavy duty plain and rolling element bearings and gearboxes requiring a semi-fluid grease. Grease Lithium EP 1 will work very will in centralized systems and extreme pressure gears working at ambient temperatures.

Is Lithium grease better than regular grease?

Lithium-complex greases generally possess good stability, high-temperature characteristics and water-resistance properties. … The dropping point and high-temperature life of calcium-sulfonate greases are also better, allowing these greases to be used at higher temperatures.

What is No 2 lithium grease?

Premium EP-2™ is a Lithium Complex multi-purpose grease, NLGI #2, for use in wide- temperature-range and extreme-pressure conditions. Demanding applications require the use of EP-2 to resist meltdown and leakage.

What is #3 lithium grease?

Lithium Grease EP 3 is a high performance, multipurpose NLGI 3 grease with EP additives and a good pumpability.

What does LM stand for in Grease?

Lithium grease is the most commonly used lubricating grease around the globe – accounting for 75% of lubricating applications across all industries. In the automotive industry it is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearing and chassis applications.

Does the color of grease mean anything?

One thing we are sure of, however – color does not denote a particular type of grease, whether it is red, green, blue or yellow. The color is simply a dye added by manufacturers for marketing purposes, to more easily distinguish the different greases in their product lines.

What is the difference between red and blue grease?

There are various opinions and perceptions about the colors of greases. … Although there is no hard and fast rule, red could be indicative of grease for high temperatures, blue for cold temperatures and green for environment friendliness.

What kind of grease is red?

Red Rubber Grease is used to protect & lubricate rubber components. It is manufactured using vegetable oil as the base lubricant. Vegetable oil is used as unlike other oils it does not damage rubber. The red colour is due to the addition of a red dye to make it easily distinguishable from other greases.

What is NLGI #2 grease?

The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2, which has the stiffness of peanut butter. Grades within this range can operate in a higher temperature range and at higher speeds than NLGI grades 000-0.

What color is ep2 grease?

PropertyGradeNLGI 2Thickener TypeLithiumBase Oil Viscosity of Greases @ 40 C, mm2/s, AMS 1697150Color, VisualBROWN

What is EP grease best used for?

EP grease is a grease designed for extreme pressure. Putting AP or MP grease in situations where the grease will be put under such high pressures may cause more wear to the machinery in the long run. However, EP grease can be used almost anywhere that AP or MP grease would be needed.

Is Nlgi and EP the same?

This tells us two things, EP 2 grease is a NLGI Grade 2 and it is fortified with Extreme Pressure (EP) additives. This tells us nothing else about the thickener type, base oil type or viscosity of the base oil. The correct NLGI grade is an important consideration because not all grease applications are the same.

What is the best grease for CV joints?

A good quality clean (fresh) molybdenum disulfide grease is typically sufficient for CV joints.

What type of grease is best for wheel bearings?

  • 1: Editor’s Pick: Royal Purple Ultra Performance Grease.
  • Best for Performance: Allstar Timken High-Temp Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease.
  • 3: Best on a Budget: Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease.
  • Lucas Oil Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease.
  • Mag 1 High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease.
Is Lithium grease OK for wheel bearings?

Your wheel bearings were probably originally lubed with a lithium-12-complex grease, a perfectly good grease for wheel-bearing use, even on a boat trailer if it’s maintained. … If you always clean the bearings properly before repacking, it will never be a problem.

What is the viscosity of ep2 grease?

Mobilux EP 2 is a high performance, general-purpose industrial-type grease. This lithium hydroxystearate based grease is formulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout. It is NLGI Grade 2 with a base oil viscosity of ISO VG 150.

Where are EP receptors located?

This vasorelaxant effect of EP2 receptor activation is mediated by increasing cyclic AMP due to coupling of the receptor to adenylyl cyclase via a GS protein [683]. EP3 receptors are widespread, exist in multiple isoforms, and are found in vascular and nonvascular smooth muscle [683,684].

What does EP receptor stand for?

Prostaglandin E2 receptor 2, also known as EP2, is a prostaglandin receptor for prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) encoded by the human gene PTGER2: it is one of four identified EP receptors, the others being EP1, EP3, and EP4, which bind with and mediate cellular responses to PGE2 and also, but with lesser affinity and …

Is wd40 a lithium based grease?

WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease is ideal for metal-to-metal applications that require heavy-duty lubrication and leaves behind a rust-inhibiting barrier for protection against corrosion. This long-lasting formula won’t melt, freeze, or run in harsh weather conditions.

What does white lithium grease used for?

White lithium grease is used to keep components moving smoothly, free of friction and seizing. You can also apply it preventatively to protect against rust and corrosion. White lithium grease can be used to: Lubricate car door hinges.

What is the difference between white lithium grease and lithium grease?

What Is the Difference Between Lithium Grease and White Lithium Grease? The difference between the two types of grease is the ingredients used to make the grease. White lithium grease has zinc oxide added to the formulation. It’s meant for use in moderate load applications.

What is Blue Lithium Grease?

A specially developed multi-purpose lubricating grease for all anti-friction and plain bearing applications. … Lithium Complex is recommended for use in highly loaded industrial and automotive applications such as wheel bearings, pump bearings etc. It has been primarily designed as a wheel bearing and chassis grease.

Does lithium grease have petroleum in it?

As lithium is based on petroleum, it tends to speed up rubber and plastic components decay. … Lithium-based grease can withstand high temperatures and are perfect for cars, heavy machinery, and guns. White lithium grease repels water and is a prevalent option for not-so-demanding parts.

What is white lithium grease made of?

Lithium grease Lubricating greases are commonly formulated as mixtures of an oil and a lithium soap thickener. Some formulations include PTFE or other substances, such as molybdenum disulfide.

What is synthetic lithium grease?

Conventional petroleum-based greases and synthetic greases employ thickeners made of a metallic substance, such as lithium or calcium. These can be formulated with additives to meet extreme pressures, excessive vibration or other challenging requirements. … Synthetic greases use a synthetic lubricant, such as silicone.

What is lithium #0 grease?

Sinopec Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Lithium Grease is ideal for general lubrication when a extreme pressure or anti-wear grease is needed for extra protection. Good for medium to heavy loaded mechanical equipment. The NLGI 0 grease is ideal for low viscosity applications or centralized lubrication systems.

What does copper grease do?

Copper grease is an anti seize compound designed to operate at extremes of temperature. … It is often used to help prevent seizing and corrosion at high temperatures in the automotive industry.