VMware vSphere with Operations Management (or vSOM) offers the full range of vSphere features for transforming data centers into dramatically simplified virtualized infrastructures, for running today's applications with the next generation of flexible, reliable IT services.

Then, what is vSphere operations management?

vSOM stands for vSphere with Operations Management. vRealize Operations (vROPs) is a health, risk and efficiency tool from VMware designed to give vSphere Administrators greater visibility of their data center. If this looks confusing, remember VMware rebranded vCenter Operations Management to vRealize in early 2015.

Similarly, what is the difference between vSphere and vCenter? VMware vCenter server is a centralized management application that lets you manage virtual machines and ESXi hosts centrally. vSphere client again is used to access vCenter Server and ultimately manage ESXi servers. vSphere is a product suite, ESXi is a hypervisor installed on a physical machine.

People also ask, what is VMware vRealize operations?

VMware vRealize Operations, sometimes referred to as vROps and formerly called vCenter Operations Manager, is a software product that provides operations management across physical, virtual and cloud environments, no matter if those environments are based on vSphere, Hyper-V or Amazon Web Services.

What is included in vSphere Enterprise Plus?

VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus includes the full range of vSphere features for transforming datacenters into dramatically simplified cloud computing environments providing the next generation of flexible, reliable IT services.

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What is VMware operations manager?

VMware vCenter Operations Manager is an automated operations management solution that provides integrated performance, capacity, and configuration management for highly virtualized and cloud infrastructure. Deep VMware vSphere integration provides the most comprehensive management of VMware environments.

What is vRealize operations manager?

vRealize Operations Manager Documentation. vRealize Operations Manager delivers intelligent operations management with application-to-storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Using policy-based automation, operations teams automate key processes and improve IT efficiency.

What does vSOM stand for?

vSOM stands for vSphere including Operations Management using vCenter Operations Manager. VMware vSOM is about VMware vSphere Standard, Enterprise or Entprise Plus combined with vCenter Operations Manager Standard Edition.

What is vRealize orchestrator?

vRealize Orchestrator. vRealize Orchestrator is a development- and process-automation platform that provides an extensive library of workflows and a workflow engine.

What is vSphere server?

vCenter Server is an application that enables you to manage your vSphere infrastructure from a centralized location. It acts as a central administration point for ESXi hosts and their respective virtual machines.

How is vROPS licensed?

There are two methods of licensing vROps: per processor with unlimited VMs or per virtual machine or physical server monitored. The latter method is also referred to as an Operating System Instance, or OSI. An OSI is any device, physical or virtual, that has an IP address and is capable of being monitored.

Is vRealize operations manager free?

Re: vROPS (vRealize Operation Manager) is free in vSphere 6. x. vCloud Suite and vSphere with Operations Management come with the vrops licence. What you get depends on the edition you purchase.

What is vROPS monitoring?

VRealize Operations Manager is a system health monitoring tool that highlights issues in your virtual environment and steers you in the right direction for troubleshooting.

What is vRealize log insight?

VRealize Log Insight is a log collection and analytics virtual appliance that enables administrators to collect, view, manage and analyze syslog data. Log Insight provides real-time monitoring of application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages and performance data.

What is vRA and vRO?

What are vRA and vRO? [source] vRealize Automation consists of a self service dashboard, capabilities to build out blueprints for infrastructure resources (or combinations of resources), and the ability to create integrations with major on-premises, and cloud-based industry infrastructure endpoints.

What are the VMware products?


What is vRealize network insight?

VMware vRealize Network Insight delivers intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security. It accelerates micro-segmentation planning and deployment, enables visibility across virtual and physical networks, and provides operational views to manage and scale VMware NSX deployments.

What is VMware VCF?

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) provides an integrated stack which bundles Compute Virtualization (VMware vSphere), Storage Virtualization (VMware vSAN), Network Virtualization (VMware NSX) and Cloud Management and Monitoring (VMware vRealize Suite) into a single platform which can be deployed on-premises wherein the

What is VMware OSI?

As per VMware, vRealize Log Insight is licensed on a per operating system instance (OSI) basis, which is defined as any server, virtual or physical, with an IP address that generates logs, including network devices and storage arrays. For example in an environment with 1 vCenter and 10 ESXi hosts.

What is difference between vSphere and ESXi?

Re: What is difference between ESXi and vSphere? ESXESXi is the Host server where Hypervisor layer available while vSphere is an advanced management console to manage virtual machines like create emove VMs and Power ONOff VMs.

What is the purpose of vCenter?

VMware VCenter Server is a data center management server application developed by VMware Inc. to monitor virtualized environments. VCenter Server provides centralized management and operation, resource provisioning and performance evaluation of virtual machines residing on a distributed virtual data center.

How much is VMware?

VMware or Hyper-V? Part 3: Virtualization Licensing Costs
vSphere EditionCostBasic Support
Essentials Plus$4,625$971
Standard (requires vCenter)$995$273
Enterprise Plus (requires vCenter)$3,595$755

Which is better VMware or Hyper V?

As you can see, VMware's core hypervisor is less expensive than Microsoft's. However, Microsoft's management server cost less than VMware vCenter Server. As such, HyperV is generally going to be the less expensive option for organizations that need to run Windows virtual machines.

What OS does vCenter run on?

Supported host operating systems for VMware vCenter Server installation (2091273)
Windows Operating System6.7 U35.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bitYesYes
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 64-bitYes
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bitYes
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 64-bitYes