Wipro Salary Structure
Job Title / Role / DesignationSalary at Wipro India
Assistant Manager SalaryRs.13,62,500
Associate Consultant SalaryRs.7,91,036
Business Analyst SalaryRs.8,60,889
Consultant SalaryRs.10,08,889

Moreover, what is the salary for freshers in Wipro?

BENGALURU: Wipro has increased fresher salaries to Rs 3.5 lakh per annum, from about 3.2 lakh. Salaries of campus recruits had remained stagnant for many years across the industry.

Secondly, what is QPLC in Wipro salary? Quarterly Performance Linked Compensation

Correspondingly, what is the salary range at Wipro band wise?

Wipro Salaries in India

JobSalary Structure
Information Technology (IT) ConsultantRs 400,833 – Rs 1,454,370
Information Technology (IT) ManagerRs 348,204 – Rs 2,456,990
Information Technology (IT) SupervisorRs 348,771 – Rs 1,362,734
Business Analyst9,40,154

How much does Wipro pay during training?

The salary during training period is 9-10k per month in wipro for the post of associate.

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Is Wipro better than TCS?

However, WIPRO is decent enough to give better projects usually compared to TCS as per what Ive heard. If you do not plan to leave after 2 years, TCS going further has more perks and hikes compared to Wipro. You will have more leisurely life in TCS going further.

Which is better Wipro or Infosys?

Although it has narrowed, Infosys continues to command higher rates because of its better marketing.” Adds Ravi: “Infosys is more focussed on cost than Wipro. Infoscians are more regimented than Wiproites, and programmed better to implement projects on time.”

Should I join Wipro as a fresher?

As a fresher, yes, it I worth joining. The main reason is, Wipro is a brand name. It will definitely give you an impetus towards your corporate life. If you get to be in an other company better than Wipro then it's fine but if you don't have any other option then you should join it.

Does Wipro provide food?

Wipro won't provide free lunch that's a fact, but depending upon location, Wipro has Food court, CCD, Ice-cream parlours,Pizza shops & in-campus restaurants where you can even get multi-cuisine buffet on paid basis.

Does Wipro have dress code?

The dress code is formal on all days except Fridays where smart casuals are allowed. The men may wear trousers/shirt and closed shoes. Ladies may wear trousers/shirt or Indian formal wear. Open t-shirts, cargoes, capris or casual wear are not permissible under the Wipro dress code.

What is the qualification for Wipro?

Wipro NLTH Eligibility Criteria 2020. Academic Qualifications : Class 10th Standard : 60% or Above. Class 12th Standard : 60% or Above.

Does Wipro provide MBA?

Wipro provide M.S post graduation degree from Bits/pilani for fresher's with non-B.E/B. Tech degree. But they don't have any program for fresher's to pursue MBA.

Can I leave Wipro after training?

Wipro has a contract that states that once you join their training program you have to serve a period of 18 months with the company. However in case of certain unavoidable circumstances if you are forced to leave earlier you have to compensate them for the money they spent on you during the training period.

What is b3 band in Wipro?

Band B3 suggests that you will be joining the organisation as a Technical Lead. Wipro is tailor made for such a role. The package offered to you is significantly higher than the one offered to someone who started his career in Wipro.

What is Group allowance in Wipro?

Wipro Benefits Plan (“WBP”) is a basket of various allowances / reimbursements. The Company will grant a Group Allowance, which will be computed after reducing the aggregate cost of allowances / benefits availed under WBP.

What are the different bands in Wipro?

  • B1 – Software Engineer.
  • B2 – Senior Software Engineer.
  • B3 – Team Lead.
  • C1 – Manger.
  • C2 – Senior Manager-
  • D1 – Delivery Manager.
  • D2 – Delivery Heads and General Managers.
  • E – MD, VPs.

What is b2 band in Wipro?

Wipro to faster employee promotions and hikes through grade system. Employees of the rank of team leaders and similar positions, with over four years experience, mostly belong to the B2band. Wipro has split the B1 and B2 grades, meant for software professionals, to create another grade, B3.

Does Wipro give joining bonus?

As far as I know, Wipro does not give Joining Bonus ( as per the strict policy). However if the position is urgent you can demand and get something under the table (rarely).

What is band in Wipro?

Wipro's employees are clubbed under five grades — A, B, C, D and E — based on experience and seniority. While freshers come under the entry level band A, people of the rank of vice-presidents and above belong to the E-band. B-band makes up about 70 per cent of Wipro's IT services employee strength of over 103,000.

What is variable pay in Wipro?

Around 16% of the company's wage bill of Rs 2,333 crore (January-March) is variable as 10-35% of employees salaries are paid based on targets depending on their seniority. Wipro is also planning a policy to include engineers in bonus reward programmes.

What is the retirement age in Wipro?

Currently, the retirement age at Infosys and TCS is 60 while it is 58 for Wipro.

Does Wipro cancel offer letter?

No, Wipro doesn't reject anybody after sending Letter of Intent (LoI). Though LoI doesn't guarantee your joining but companies like Wipro keep their word and generally doesn't reject due to flimsy grounds after issuing LoI.

What is bonus in Wipro?

BENGALURU: Wipro has given bonuses of Rs 1 lakh each to junior employees, those with experience of about three years and who started at the company, to stem lower level attrition. “It is a retention bonus and it has a one year lock-in,” Saurabh Govil, president and chief of human resources, said.