F15 (function key): -31. F16 (functionkey): -32. 0 (number pad): -33. 1 (number pad):-34.

Likewise, people ask, what key is f14?

It is sometimes used to modify the function keys. ModernMicrosoft Windows keyboards typically have only 12 function keys;Shift+F1 must be used to type F13, Shift+F2 for F14, etc. Itcan modify various control and alt keys.

Likewise, what are the F keys for on keyboard? The function keys or Fkeys on acomputer keyboard, labeled F1 through F12, arekeys that have a special function defined by theoperating system, or by a currently running program. They may becombined with the Alt or Ctrl keys.

Subsequently, question is, what key is f11?

F5 is also commonly used as a reload key in manyweb browsers and other applications, while F11 activates thefull screen/kiosk mode on most browsers.

What is the use of f1 to f12 keys?

Windows Hotkey Shortcuts That Use the Function Keys F1-F12

F1Brings up a Help window in many applications, includingbrowsers, Microsoft Office and others
F2Renames a selected object
F3Opens search box in browsers
F4Displays the Address bar list in My Computer or WindowsExplorer (Windows XP)

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How do I get f14 key?

For F keys higher than F12, you must use acombination of the shift key and appropriate F key.For example, to select F13, while holding down the shiftkey, depress the F1 key. For F14, whileholding down the shift key, depress the F2 key and soon.

Where is the Scroll Lock key?

Sometimes abbreviated as ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk, theScroll Lock key is found on a computer keyboard, oftenlocated close to the pause key. While not often used today,the Scroll Lock key was originally intended to be used inconjunction with the arrow keys to scroll through thecontents of a text box.

What are sticky keys?

Sticky Keys is a Microsoft Windows accessibilityfeature that causes modifier keys to remain active, evenafter they have been pressed and released, making it easier todo keyboard shortcuts.

What is the shortcut key for Scroll Lock?

The official Microsoft shortcut for ScrollLock is Shift + F14. If you have an extended keyboard with anF14 key, try that first.

Can't use arrow keys excel?

Scroll Lock is a toggling lock key on thekeyboard, just like the CAPS LOCK key. Once pressed, ScrollLock is enabled. To use the arrow keys to movebetween cells, you must turn Scroll Lock off. Press SHIFT+F14 totoggle the Scroll Lock to the off position.

What is the use of Ctrl key?

The Control key on a computer keyboard is akey that is used by pressing it in combination with otherkeys, enabling other keys on the keyboard to performsecondary functions. It is generally labeled asCtrl.

What does the ALT key do?

The Alt key (pronounced /ˈ?ːlt/ or/ˈ?lt/) on a computer keyboard is used to change (alternate)the function of other pressed keys. Thus, the Alt keyis a modifier key, used in a similar fashion to the Shiftkey.

What does the Ctrl key do?

In computing, a Control key is a modifierkey which, when pressed in conjunction with anotherkey, performs a special operation (for example, Ctrl+ C ); similar to the Shift key, the Control keyrarely performs any function when pressed byitself.

What is Ctrl f4?

Just about everyone knows that Alt+Ctrl+Delinterrupts the operating system, but most people don't know thatAlt+F4 closes the current window. So if you had pressedAlt+F4 while playing a game, the game window would haveclosed. WK+Ctrl+f – starts the Find a Computer on theNetwork dialog.

What does the f6 key do?

The “F6button on a laptop may alter thelaptop's volume, change the current display or put the laptop tosleep. Most laptop's require you to hold a “Fn” button toactivate the function button's secondary function.The “Fn” button is typically found near the computer's”Ctrl” and “Alt” keys.

How do I exit full screen without f11?

Press F11. You may have to push and hold the FNkey at the same time, depending on your laptop model. F11can be used to toggle Full Screen mode. You can also moveyour cursor to the upper edge of the screen.

What are the f1 f2 f3 keys for?

F1 – Used by programs for opening Help. F2– Used by Windows for renaming files and folders. Also used by manymanufacturers to let you access the BIOS settings when pressedimmediately after powering on your computer. F3 – Used forsearching for files and content in various apps.

How many special keys are there on a keyboard?

How many special keys are on a keyboard?No standard dictates how many special keys are on akeyboard, but they usually range between 12 and20.

Which F key is Print Screen?

Print Screen (often abbreviated PrintScrn, Prnt Scrn, Prt Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Scr, Prt Sc or Pr Sc) is akey present on most PC keyboards. It is typically situatedin the same section as the break key and scroll lockkey. The print screen may share the same keyas system request.

Where is the Fn key on keyboard?

(FuNction key) A keyboard modifierkey that works like a Shift key to activate a secondfunction on a dual-purpose key. Commonly found onlaptop keyboards, the Fn key is used to control hardwarefunctions such as screen brightness and speakervolume.

What is Excel shortcut keys?

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys
Ctrl+Shift+F3Ctrl Shift F3Create name by using names of row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift+F6Ctrl Shift F6Previous Window
Ctrl+Shift+F12Ctrl Shift F12Print
Alt+Shift+F1Alt Shift F1New worksheet

How do I use function keys?

Use the Fn key
  1. You can also press and hold Fn while moving your finger up anddown on the navigation pad to scroll within a document.
  2. You can press and hold Fn while pressing keyboard letters M, J,K, L, U, I, O, P, /, ;, and 0 to match the physical layout of anumeric keypad.