Full-Course Dinner
  • BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak (1180 cals.)
  • Homestyle Fried Chicken (810 cals.)
  • Wild Alaska Pesto Salmon (310 cals.)
  • Housemade Meatloaf (1170 cals.)
  • Slow-Cooked Pot Roast (460 cals.)
  • Rib Eye Steak* (700 cals.)
  • New York Steak* (550 cals.)

Besides, what do you get at Black Bear Diner?

Five things to try at the new Black Bear Diner in Great Falls

  • Prime rib. Only available on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the 10-ounce prime rib comes with vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, soup or salad and a cornbread muffin.
  • Chicken-fried steak. As two women of modest appetite, we naturally had the 10-ounce chicken-fried steak.
  • The GRIZZ!
  • Pancakes.
  • Cinnamon roll French toast.

Also, does Black Bear Diner serve dinner all day? “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Served All Day” Review of Black Bear Diner. This beautifully designed restaurant will immediately make you feel right at home. We invite you to gather up your family and friends, and bring them in for a fantastic time.

Also to know, what is Black Bear diner known for?

Black Bear Diner is a restaurant chain in the Western United States which serves homestyle and “old-fashioned” comfort foods. The first restaurant was opened in Mount Shasta, California in 1995, founded by Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley. The company is based in Redding, California.

Does the Black Bear Diner serve alcohol?

Redding, CA-based BLACK BEAR DINER (founded 1995) has increased by 14 units, from 79 to 93 (17% growth). The restaurants serve beer and wine and average seating is for about 150. Locations are franchised and trade in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, OR, UT and WA.

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Does Black Bear Diner have a senior discount?

They do not offer a senior discount, which I find odd, given the number of retirees in the St George/Washington, UT area.

How dangerous are black bears?

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What kind of coffee does Black Bear Diner use?

About Black Bear Diner Blend

Black Bear Diner Blend is a single-origin, 100% Nicaraguan coffee. Developed along side our long-time partner, Black Bear Diner, this perfectly roasted coffee showcases our philanthropic commitment to improve the lives of origin coffee farmers and their communities.

Does Black Bear Diner do all day breakfast?

Black Bear DinerBreakfast Served All Day!

Do diners serve breakfast all day?

Much of the food is grilled, as early diners were based around a grill. There is often an emphasis on breakfast foods such as eggs (including omelettes), waffles, pancakes, and French toast. Some diners serve these “breakfast foods” throughout the business day and others who focus on breakfast may close at around 3 pm.

Who is Bruce Dean?

Bruce Dean

Recognized for his relentless focus on operational management and business savvy, Dean is Black Bear Diner’s Chief Executive Officer. He created the recipes for some of the brand’s most popular and best-selling food items on the Black Bear Diner menu to date.

How many Black Bear Diner locations are there?


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Is Dennys a diner?

Denny’s (also known as Denny’s Diner on some of the locations’ signage) is an American table service diner-style restaurant chain.

Are black bears nocturnal?

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