“Fields of Gold” is also the title of Sting's 1994 hits compilation. Along with many songs by The Police, this was featured in The Office (US) episode “Phyllis' Wedding” in 2007.

In this way, wHO has recorded fields of gold?


Additionally, what key is Fields of Gold in? This song is played in D major Relative Minor You can also play this song in B minor. Just be sure to emphasize the minor key more when you use it.

Then, who originally wrote fields of gold?


When did Eva Cassidy record fields of gold?

Fields of Gold

“Fields of Gold”
ReleasedMay 1993
FormatCompact disc

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Did Eva Cassidy die?

November 2, 1996

What album is Fields of Gold on?

Ten Summoner's Tales

Where is Eva Cassidy?

Additional chemotherapy was ineffective and Cassidy died on November 2, 1996 at her family's home in Bowie, Maryland. In accordance with her wishes, her body was cremated and the ashes were scattered on the lake shores of St. Mary's River Watershed Park, a nature reserve near Callaway, Maryland.

What is a video sting?

A logo sting is the little animation of a logo at the end of a video or commercial. It's an element that gives the viewer that last glimpse of who you are. It can be the final, or the most lasting impression of a brand, and that's why we think it's a very important part of any production.

How did Eva Cassidy die?

Skin cancer (melanoma)

Who sang the original songbird?

Fleetwood Mac

Did Eva Cassidy write her own songs?

Eva Marie Cassidy was born on February 2nd, 1963. Eva's career turned a corner that would lead her to pursue more solo work. She developed a repertoire of “great” songs that inspired her, and would later be the reason we all remember her – not for songs she wrote, but for songs that she interpreted and made her own.

When did Eva Cassidy pass away?

November 2, 1996

Was Eva Cassidy married?

Was Eva married and did she have children? ANSWER: No and no. She was not in a romantic relationship at the time of her final illness. The romance between Eva and her producer/bassist, Chris Biondo, had ended a few years previously, but they continued to be close friends and musical collaborators.

When was Eva Cassidy diagnosed with cancer?

In 1996, just when she had begun to record more frequently on a small, local basis, Cassidy was diagnosed with cancer, which had already spread throughout her body and rapidly claimed her life.

What genre is Eva Cassidy?


What nationality was Eva Cassidy?