What paper should I use with ProMarkers? The surface you’re using makes a difference to the quality of your artwork. We therefore recommend that you use a bleedproof paper to achieve optimum results.
What paper is best for Sharpies? .


Do alcohol markers require special paper?

Use uncoated, smooth paper (without tooth) as marker tips don’t usually fare well on rough surfaces. They may fray the nibs and make it harder to draw smooth lines. Always place the paper you’re working with on top of something porous – alcohol marker ink will come through to the other side.

What GSM is best for alcohol markers?

  • There are 50 sheets in this journal.
  • Each sheet has a thickness of 75 gsm.
  • It’s A3 size which makes it ideal for larger works of art.
  • The pads are glued and tape bound at the top to keep your creations secure.
Is 160 GSM paper good for alcohol markers?

At 160gsm the paper is on the thinner side and does cause a bit of bleed-through. You’ll probably want to put something between the sheets as you work. This is an acid-free paper which means it will preserve your drawing for longer. … The paper is smooth so you won’t get any feathering.

Can you use watercolor paper for alcohol markers?

You have to know that not all papers are compatible with alcohol marker’s ink. Some papers, like watercolor paper, tend to absorb a lot of ink, their granulated texture could also damage your marker’s nib. Marker paper, Smooth Bristol or even Mixed media paper is, on the other hand, better to use with alcohol ink .

Is vellum paper good for alcohol markers?

Vellum is a wonderful surface for playing with alcohol inks like Copic Various Refills and Ranger Alcohol Inks! And the resulting art makes gorgeous die cuts!

Is Bristol paper good for markers?

Bristol papers generally have two types of surfaces: smooth and vellum. Smooth surfaces are great for pen & ink, mechanical pencil, airbrush, and markers. There is little to no tooth, making these surfaces great for creating fine lines, detail drawings, or marker drawings.

Is watercolor paper good for markers?

Copic Markers work well on watercolour paper. Watercolour paper is designed to take a wash of water to activate the colours, meaning it should be resistant to buckling. … Also, the thicker the paper, the thirstier it will be, so watch your ink levels.

Is 110 GSM paper good for markers?

70-80 lb/100-130 gsm: drawing paper, suitable for all dry media and some markers. 90-110 lb/180-260 gsm: heavy-weight drawing paper, bristol, multimedia papers (similar to cardstock), suitable for use with markers and inks with little bleed through.

Is handmade paper good for watercolor?

Watercolor paper is usually made by one of three processes: handmade, mold-made or machine-made. Handmade is the best and mold-made comes in a close second. Both are very durable, stable and shouldn’t distort under heavy wash.

Does cardstock work for alcohol markers?

CRAFTER’S COMPANION-Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock. This cardstock features an ultra-smooth finish that is ideal for use with any alcohol-based marker — perfect for stamping or digital printing of images.

What paper do you use with alcohol ink?

Synthetic/Waterproof Paper One of the single most popular options for alcohol ink art is synthetic or waterproof paper. Unlike regular paper, waterproof paper is totally non-porous so you don’t have to worry about the ink immediately absorbing and the pigment becoming locked in place.

Is mixed media paper good for markers?

Mediums like marker, pen & ink, and colored pencil also work better on a mixed media sheet because the surface is much smoother than a traditional watercolor paper, allowing for finer and smoother detail. … Mixed Media surfaces have smaller and fewer gaps (more compressed fibers).

Can you use Sharpie on watercolor paper?

No reason you can’t put watercolor atop a Sharpie drawing. The Sharpie is solvent based and the watercolours are, naturally, water soluable so the only bleeding you need worry about is the bleeding of the initial Sharpie work.

Is vellum paper good for markers?

Look for it in smooth and vellum surfaces. Smooth is a very good choice for mechanical drawing, marker, airbrush along with pen & ink. Vellum is best suited for working with graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, mixed media, airbrush and oil pastel.

What ink dries on vellum?

While you can stamp on acetate, metal, glass and other non-porous surfaces with this ink, I decided to show you how easy and perfect it is to use StazOn Pigment with vellum. It dries super quickly (like almost instantly) on vellum, and that’s super impressive!

Can you color on vellum?

Vellum can be colored easily with many dye and hybrid inks. Just apply the ink and be sure to wipe away the excess ink and heat set a bit. You can repeat the process to make the colors darker. For these examples, I used a cloth to add areas of color to the vellum to make it look like a sky.

What is Bristol smooth paper best for?

Smooth surfaces are great for pen & ink, mechanical pencil, airbrush, and markers. There is little to no tooth, making these surfaces great for creating fine lines, detail drawings, or marker drawings.

Is Bristol paper thick?

Bristol board is a particular type of thick paper that is suited for a huge variety of media. It comes in two finishes — smooth and vellum.

What is the difference between Bristol paper and watercolor paper?

A vellum Bristol board is less absorbent than watercolor paper, but far more so than a typical drawing paper. And because Bristol board is typically a slightly thicker paper stock, light watercolor washes typically won’t warp it.

What should I look for in a marker paper?

Look for a smooth finish which allows the marker to flow across the surface of the sheet with little resistance. This allows you to work at a quicker pace which reduces the likelihood of feathering. Smoothness also helps artists achieve sharper edges. More information about 500 Series Marker Paper.

What is mixed media paper good for?

Mixed Media paper allows an artist to work in watercolor and add detail in other mediums or start by adding detail with ink or marker and then add watercolor.

Do markers bleed through paper?

Ink from alcohol markers does have a tendency to bleed through to the other side of the paper, which usually isn’t a problem with my coloring books because they are single-sided, but if you have a heavy hand then some of the ink might seep onto the page underneath.

Is 180 GSM paper good for watercolor?

90 lb / 180 gsm: … 140 lb / 300 gsm: Recommended for all watercolours. The paper should be stretched before using very wet washes or a watercolour block should be used.

Is 120 GSM paper good for drawing?

Weight of Drawing Paper The best paper for graphite drawing should be over 80 lbs. (120 gsm). The heavier weight is better for drawing since it can take more erasure and can handle the constant pressure from the pencil better. Thinner paper will tear easier and ruin your work.

Is 70 GSM paper good for drawing?

70-80 lb (approx 100-130 gsm): drawing paper suitable for finished artwork in most media. Paper any lighter than 70lb will usually be thin enough to see through to drawings or materials underneath. … Heavier papers, up to 140 lb (approx 300 gsm) or more, are most often used for painting rather than drawing.

Is 200 GSM paper good for watercolor?

200gsm premium is also great for practicing watercolor techniques, gouache, pencils and even fountainpens. … It’s also great for daily sketching in which you may want to use watercolor washes or other drawing/painting tools. In this case, 200gsm cotton paper is more universal than the 300gsm variant.

Is 300 GSM paper good for watercolor?

Most experienced painters will advise you not to go below medium weight. Anything lighter than 140lb / 300 gsm requires the paper to be prepared before painting either by stretching or taping down the paper to a board. … Heavy weight paper is used by painters that enjoy working very wet with watercolors.

Is ivory paper good for watercolor?

More yellowish papers offer a more cohesive tone for paintings. … Meanwhile, white papers to Ivory white offer full brightness and clarity of watercolors which are best for illustrators looking for vividness and accuracy of colors.

What is the best paper for Copic markers?

  • Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad. The Bianyo bleedproof marker paper pad easily earns the spot of my top pick. …
  • U.S. Art Supply Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad. …
  • Premium Marker Paper Pad. …
  • Copic Marker Blending Card. …
  • Bee Paper Company Creative Marker Book.
Is cardstock good for brush pens?

The cardstock sheets are sooo thick and smooth, perfect for your brush pen and marker nibs. This is a great set to add to your lettering supplies!

Is cardstock good for Copic markers?

Gina K Designs Pure Luxury – This is a very popular cardstock which I use for both card bases and with copic coloring. … This is my personal favorite for copic coloring. X-Press It Copic Blending Card – This cardstock has a silky smooth surface soaks in ink without feathering, keeping lines crisp and colors vibrant.

What is the difference between Indian ink and alcohol ink?

They are not the same. Alcohol ink is dye based, whereas India ink is pigment based. This means alcohol ink will fade as it ages. India ink is archival.

Is Yupo paper the same as watercolor paper?

Yupo paper is a tree-free synthetic paper that’s 100% recyclable AND waterproof. … Being water-resistant makes this paper ideal for use with watercolors as Yupo doesn’t absorb the paint like ordinary watercolor paper would. Because of this, you’ll notice nice textures that form as the paint dries on the Yupo paper.

What GSM is mixed media paper?

The 185 GSM paper has a medium tooth making it ideal for mixed media artwork.

What is the difference between watercolor paper and acrylic paper?

Anyone, beginner or professional will notice that watercolors are much thicker than acrylics. This allows them to be ideal for separate painting techniques. However, if you’re a beginner, using acrylics is the best way to go. This is because they dry much faster than watercolor and also covers your layers well.

Can you use watercolors on mixed media paper?

Watercolours and watercolour pens work wonderfully on mixed media paper to create fantastic effects, as long as the artist is wary of the amount of water placed on the paper. Practice to make sure your water control is good, and you’ll have a wonderful experience with our paper.

Should I sketch before watercolor?

Specifically, though, as a watercolor painter, sketching before you start to paint should help you improve by making it easier for you to plan a painting and keep things on track as you apply layers of washes.

Do you ink before or after watercolor?

Do you add ink before or after watercolour? This is completely up to you! It’s a personal preference. Some artists (including myself) will choose to ink before adding watercolour, and some artists prefer to ink after they have applied their watercolour.

Should I outline before watercolor?

As long as you use an archival, waterproof ink, you can outline your watercolor painting with no issues. Whether you create your outline before or after you paint is completely up to you. If you decide to create your outline after you paint, just make sure your watercolors are completely dry first.