‘In a Station of the Metro’ by Ezra Pound is the quintessential Imagist poem. Using very few words, he paints a clear and unforgettable image. One of the best aspects of poetry is its total lack of rules.
What type of poem is incident? who is the other character in the poem incident.

What kind of poem is in a station of the Metro by Ezra Pound?

‘In a Station of the Metro’ by Ezra Pound is the quintessential Imagist poem. Using very few words, he paints a clear and unforgettable image. One of the best aspects of poetry is its total lack of rules.

Why is in a station of the Metro a metaphor?

The metaphor stays with you because the ground has been laid by that initial abstraction: “apparition.” Without it, I don’t think this poem would have the same hold on your memory. The way “apparition” points us towards the kind of experience the perceiver has is more profound than simply, “these faces in the crowd.”

What is the theme of the poem in a Metro station?

The poem blends two images into one. In the process, it seems to downplay the reality of everyday life as an “apparition,” while the spiritual life of memory and the imagination is heightened.

What's the tone of the poem in a station of the Metro?

The poem has an unmistakably somber tone, even though we may not, at a first pass, be able to say precisely why. The content of the poem seems to be just the description of a moment in a subway station, when the people appear to look (somehow) like petals stuck to a branch.

How is in a station of the Metro an imagist poem?

Pound’s two-line poem is a famous example of “imagism,” a poetic form spear-headed by Pound that focuses above all on relating clear images through precise, accessible language. In just 20 words (including the title!), this poem manages to vividly evoke both a crowded subway station and petals on a tree branch.

What is Imagism movement?

Imagism was an early twentieth century poetic movement that emphasized clear, direct language. It was considered a reaction to the traditions of Romantic and Victorian poetry, which emphasized florid ornamentation of language. The Imagists, by contrast, were succinct and to the point.

How is in a station of the Metro like a haiku?

“In a Station of the Metro” is a type of poem called a haiku (sometimes spelled “hokku”) a traditional Japanese nature-image poem of precisely 17 syllables. Pound’s haiku has 19 syllables, 12 in the first line and 7 in the last.

What ideal of Imagist poetry is best reflected?

What ideal of imagist poetry is best reflected in this poem by Ezra Pound in which he compares a crowded metro station to a flowering tree branch? Poets should be able to describe ordinary subjects in new ways.

What emotions does the imagery of petals and water in the poem's second line convey in a station of the Metro?

If the petals symbolize the beauty of such fleeting moments, and the rain symbolizes the bleakness and uncertainties of life, this image can evoke comfort and serenity or apprehension and uncertainty depending upon the predilections of the reader.

What is setting of poem the station of metro in?

The poem appears to be set in some kind of wooded subway in the springtime where there might be ghosts. … The title locates the poem within the metro station, underground. Then, in the first line: an apparition! This is a word that usually hints at the supernatural, especially ghosts.

Why does pound describe the faces as an apparition?

By Ezra Pound The poet is trying to get us to see things from his perspective, and the word “apparition” suggests that the faces are becoming visible to him very suddenly and probably disappearing just as fast. They almost look like ghosts.

What is a black bough?

‘Petals on a wet, black bough’ is the phrase which vividly shows the elegance of life and meanwhile show the impermanence of human life. Petals are found in nature in various vibrant colors which represents different human faces and the petals that lie in the wet, black bough symbolizes the transitory ness of life.

What impression of the Heat do these verbs create?

The verbs the speaker uses to lessen the heat are; cut the heat and plow through it. These verbs give the heat’s impression that it is very bad and hard to get through.

What is a Imagist poem?

Imagism was a movement in early-20th-century Anglo-American poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. … Imagism is sometimes viewed as “a succession of creative moments” rather than a continuous or sustained period of development.

Was Carlos Williams an Imagist?

With Ezra Pound and H.D., Williams was a leading poet of the Imagist movement and often wrote of American subjects and themes. … Though his career was initially overshadowed by other poets, he became an inspiration to the Beat generation in the 1950s and 60s.

When did the Imagist movement end?

However, with World War I as a backdrop, the times were not easy for avant-garde literary movements (Aldington, for example, spent much of the war at the front), and the 1917 anthology effectively marked the end of the Imagists as a movement.

Why is the image of petals on a wet black bough surprising?

So Pound uses some intense natural imagery to describe the “wet, black bough” to which the petals are attached. This image connects to our sense of sight and touch, so the reader feels like he or she could reach out and pluck the faces out of the scene like a flower from a tree.

What is the meaning of the River Merchant's Wife a letter?

Ultimately, the poem/letter is meant to remind her husband of her role as his wife, of her existence, of their relationship. It is meant to be a gentle way of telling him not to forget, or betray her. Remember, she is a river-merchant’s wife in eighth-century China. This is like being a traveling salesman’s wife today.

How does Ezra Pound's In a Station of the Metro embody the ideals of modernism and Imagism?

5. How does Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” embody the ideals of Modernism and Imagism? Sample response: Pound rejected tradition by writing a 14-word poem. He also expressed the disillusionment of the era by stating that nothing is permanent and that people are isolated from each other.

What is an agony as now about?

In the poem “An Agony. As Now.”, Amiri Baraka guides the reader through his viewpoint of the world around him while having to see through an obstacle of his own. In doing so, Baraka has trouble finding himself due to the fact that he can’t give the world around him any substance or meaning.

Who is the poet of the poem a girl?

Ezra Weston Loomis Pound, the great expatriate American poet and critic, used his iconic Imagism to write the poem ‘A girl’ where he used the mythical characters of Apollo and Daphne to showcase the creative imaginations of a girl from two different perspectives; an older child and an adult, where the girl transforms …

What does this is just to say poem meaning?

Temptation, Guilt, and Simple Pleasures “This Is Just To Say” can be understood as a poem about the simple pleasures of everyday life. To illustrate this, the poem features a speaker who has eaten chilled plums that another person—perhaps the speaker’s lover—was saving.

How do the authors of A Psalm of Life and Auspex use different images to illustrate their themes?

How do the authors of “A Psalm of Life” and “Auspex” use different images to illustrate their themes? “Psalm” contains primarily images of battle and human interactions, while “Auspex” focuses on natural imagery. … Highlight the words in the text that seem to be most important to the poet’s theme.

Why would the use of abstractions be offensive to an imagist poet?

why would the use of abstractions be be offensive to an imagist poem? it uses more words, images can conquer concrete images. does pound think Shakespeare is a example of description or presentation? … the writers record characters through their thoughts,actions, and other characters reactions.

Why do you think Ezra Pound chooses the word apparition rather than appearance to describe the faces in the subway?

He uses the word apparition to describe the way in which the faces appear. He could have used the word appearance, but chose instead to use a word that has a ghostly, otherworldly effect on the text. In addition to unusual word choice, Pound also employs unusual sentence structure.