The term is most often used to describe a game in which a single pitcher throws a complete game of at least 9 innings (27 outs) without giving up a hit. … A perfect game is a no-hitter in which no runner is allowed to reach base, whether by hit, base-on-balls, hit-by-pitch or error.
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How rare is a perfect game?

Perfect games are rare in baseball. There have only been 23 perfect games ever played in Major League Baseball history, and only 21 since the modern era of baseball started in 1901 as of August 2021.

Do perfect games count as no hitters?

To achieve a perfect game, a team must not allow any opposing player to reach base by any means: no hits, walks, hit batsmen, uncaught third strikes, catcher’s or fielder’s interference, or fielding errors; in short, “27 up, 27 down” (for a nine-inning game). … A perfect game, by definition, is also a no-hitter.

How hard is it to throw a perfect game?

To pitch a perfect game, no runner can reach base. That means you have to get 27 batters out in a row. So the probability of throwing a perfect game is equal to the probability of getting 27 batters out in a row.

What is rarer than a perfect game?

Unassisted triple plays The rarest type of triple play, and one of the rarest events of any kind in baseball, is for a single fielder to complete all three outs. There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history, making this feat rarer than a perfect game.

Can a perfect game have errors?

And a perfect game CAN have an error. The rulebook definition of error mentions that if a misplayed ball — and here it has to be a foul — allows the batter to prolong his time at bat, it is scored an E. Subsequently retire that batter and the perfect game attempt is still in effect, despite the error.

Has anyone thrown a 27 pitch game?

Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

Did Babe Ruth ever pitch a no-hitter?

But in the record books it clearly shows Ruth was part of a combined no-hitter – one of the strangest no-nos ever thrown – on June 23, 1917, exactly 100 years ago. … Ernie Shore took over for Ruth, and proceeded to pitch the game of his life.

Has anyone ever pitched a no-hitter and lost?

There is only one “clean” example of this in MLB history – a pitcher had a complete game, nine inning no-hitter and lost. That was Ken Johnson of Houston vs Cincinnati on April 23rd, 1964. [1] In the Reds’ half of the ninth, Pete Rose bunted with one out and reached second base on a throwing error by Johnson himself.

How common is it to bowl a perfect game?

The odds of a bowling a perfect game is 11,500 to 1. And those odds have to go up even more when you try to do it under 90 seconds. That actually happened for Ben Ketola — and he did it in 86.9 seconds which is a new world record.

Who has pitched a no-hitter?

Five pitchers have thrown a no-hitter in both the American League and the National League: Cy Young, Ryan, Jim Bunning, Nomo, and Randy Johnson.

How likely is it to throw a no-hitter?

Assuming 33 at-bats per game and major league-average conditions, the odds of seeing a no-hitter are now less than 1 in 8,000. The chances were 1 in 19,000 in 2019, the most recent full major league season.

Are triple plays more rare than no hitters?

Triple plays are relatively rare, since a triple play requires at least two runners already on base, no outs, a batted ball hit in a way that allows it to be fielded cleanly so that three baserunners can be put out or unusual incompetence in baserunning, and quick action from the fielders to perform.

Why are strikes called K?

A “K” is used to refer to a strikeout in baseball because the letter “S” was already used to score a sacrifice. So Henry Chadwick, the inventor of the box score, began using the letter “K” in the 1860s because it is the last letter of “struck”, which was the common term for a strikeout at the time.

Has anyone made all 3 outs in an inning?

Never in the major leagues. It happened once in an Independent League game. A team out of Lynn MA had a player named Brian Caruso who grounded out to lead off the inning and then struck out for the 2nd out and struck out again to end the inning. His team put up 13 runs in the inning.

Has a rookie pitched a perfect game?

No true rookie has ever pitched a perfect game. Richmond and Robertson were both technically rookies, each having made a single appearance in a previous season. Two of the three most recent perfect-game pitchers—Wells and Johnson—were traded at the end of the seasons in which they accomplished the feat.

Does hit by pitch ruin a perfect game?

Hit by pitch (HPB) ends a perfect game but there is still a chance for a no-hitter. A perfect game is when all batters are retired in their turn.

Did Billy Chapel throw a perfect game?

The Tigers’ shortstop dives and throws to first in time to retire Strout, giving Chapel his perfect game. … Despite his amazing accomplishment, Billy weeps not only for the loss of baseball, but for the other love of his life, Jane.

Who is the hardest player to strikeout?

Over nearly 145 years of professional baseball, no player was tougher to strike out than Hall of Fame shortstop Joe Sewell. In 7,132 career at-bats, Sewell heard the umpire say “Strike three” just 114 times.

Who has hit the longest homerun in baseball history?

In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Denver Zephyrs hit the longest verifiable home run in professional baseball history. The home run was measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

Who has struck out the most in 2021?

TEAMSEASONSOChicago Cubs20211,596Miami Marlins20211,553Tampa Bay Rays20211,542Detroit Tigers20211,514

Did Babe punch an umpire?

OTD in 1917: Babe Ruth Punched an Umpire Which Led to a Perfect Game.

Who pitched a perfect game against Babe Ruth?

Ernie ShoreAugust 22, 1920, for the New York YankeesMLB statisticsWin–loss record65–43Earned run average2.47

What is sho baseball?

Definition. A starting pitcher is credited with a shutout when he pitches the entire game for a team and does not allow the opposition to score. By definition, any pitcher who throws a shutout is also awarded a win. Because he recorded every out for his team and didn’t allow a run, his team could only have won.

Who has the 2nd most no hitters?

He is the only major leaguer to have thrown no-hitters in regular season and postseason play. Ryan holds the record for most no-hitters in a career, with seven. Sandy Koufax is second on the list with four no-hitters. The first black pitcher to toss a no-hitter was Sam Jones who did it for the Chicago Cubs in 1955.

How often do pros bowl perfect games?

It is rare to bowl or witness one. The Canadian Five Pin Bowlers Association approves from 10 to 40 perfect games per year.

Who bowled the most 300 games?

300 Games on Record Fero Williams seems to have an addiction to 300 games. According to the USBC record books, Williams has rolled over 135 of them. You read that right – 135!

Is 100 a good bowling score?

What is a good bowling average for a recreational bowler? The average score of a recreational bowler who plays less than ten times in a year can be approximately 50 to 100 points. Probably most bowlers fall into this “recreational” category. For that reason, the average score for most should range between 50 and 100.

Who has most perfect games in MLB?

During baseball’s modern era, 21 pitchers have thrown perfect games. Most were accomplished major leaguers. Seven have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cy Young, Addie Joss, Jim Bunning, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Randy Johnson, and Roy Halladay.

Did Nolan Ryan ever throw a perfect game?

Ryan is tied with Bob Feller all-time for the most one-hitters, with 12. Ryan also pitched 18 two-hitters. If you’re wondering, he never pitched a perfect game.

Do walks ruin a no hitter?

If the pitcher walks someone, it is not considered a hit. So if the pitcher walks 4 batters in a row, but doesn’t allow any hits, he keeps his no hitter while allowing a run.

What team has been no hit the most?

TeamNumber of no-hittersLos Angeles Dodgers26Chicago White Sox20Boston Red Sox18San Francisco Giants17

Who pitched on acid?

Dock EllisStrikeouts1,136Teams

What is the hardest play in baseball?

In baseball, an unassisted triple play occurs when a defensive player makes all three outs by himself in one continuous play, without his teammates making any assists. Neal Ball was the first to achieve this in Major League Baseball (MLB) under modern rules, doing so on July 19, 1909.

Why is it 4 balls and 3 Strikes?

The club made no specific mention of called balls and strikes. … That created a bit of a pace problem, so in 1858, called strikes were implemented with one caveat: batters would receive one “warning” call for the first hittable pitch they let pass. So, effectively, it would require four strikes to make an out.

What is the rarest hit in baseball?

For more than fifty years after the founding of the major leagues, the home run was the rarest hit, followed by the triple, double, and single. The logic behind this was obvious: The farther a batter struck the ball, the more bases he could reach.

What does AK mean in baseball?

Definition. A strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. … However, even if the batter reaches first base safely, the pitcher and the batter are still credited with a strikeout in the scorebook. In the scorebook, a strikeout is denoted by the letter K.

What does R stand for in baseball?

Definition. A player is awarded a run if he crosses the plate to score his team a run. When tallying runs scored, the way in which a player reached base is not considered. If a player reaches base by an error or a fielder’s choice, as long as he comes around to score, he is still credited with a run.

What does LOB mean in baseball?

Left on base can be viewed as both an individual statistic or as a team statistic. In an individual batter’s case, it refers to how many men remain on base after that batter makes an out at the plate, as the batter has failed to do his job to score those runners — or at least put himself in a position to score.