December 10, 2006

Also question is, when did Byker Grove finish?

December 10, 2006

Beside above, is Geoff from Byker Grove dead? No Byker Grove list would be complete without Billy Fane. Youth club leader Geoff, complete with iconic ‘tache, was a staple in the show for 10 years, before being killed off by a gas explosion in 2000.

Consequently, how did Byker Grove End?

After 17 years and roughly 143 hours of television, the final shot of Byker Grove shows an explosive plunger being pushed down, setting off the dynamite, and presumably killing everyone inside.

How long did Byker Grove run for?

17 years

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How did PJ go blind in Byker Grove?

1. PJ is Blinded. If you ask a Byker Grove fan to come up with a memorable quote from the show, it is likely to be: “He cannit see man!” The words were uttered by Declan Donnelly as Duncan when his friend PJ, Ant McPartlin, was blinded during a paintballing match between the Grovers and their rivals from Denton Burn.

Who went blind PJ and Duncan?

During an illegal paintball contest between Byker Grove and Denton Burn, the cursed duo of Amanda Bewick and Debbie Dobson inadvertantly blind Peter Jenkins as revenge for trying to bed them both in a candle-filled cellar. The dramatic end to series 4 in 1992.

What year was Byker Grove?


When did Byker Grove first air?

November 8, 1989

Can you visit Byker Grove?

Ant and Dec get emotional as they visit the set of Byker Grove in ITV's Prince's Trust documentary. You can take the boys out of Newcastle, but it looks like top television presenters Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly still have a soft spot for the show that launched their television careers.

What channel was Byker Grove on?

Living TV Group
Carlton Kids

How old is Ant and Dec?

Ant is Anthony McPartlinand Dec is Declan Donnelly. They both originate from Newcastle upon Tyne and are both 43-years-old. They were each awarded an OBE in June 2016, in recognition of their services to broadcasting and entertainment.

Was Ant and Dec in Grange Hill?

Ant McPartlin wed make-up artist love Lisa Armstrong in 2006 and, naturally, his partner in crime Dec was his best man. Dec, however, has been unluckier in love. The star dated Grange Hill actress Clare Buckfield for ten years, but the pair went on to split in 2003.

Who played Angel Byker Grove?

Angel O'Hagan (played by Vicky Taylor) is a character who appears in the CBBC television series Byker Grove. The character appeared on the show from 1991-96; 2000 (returned for Geoff's funeral) .

Are Ant and Dec married?

On 13 November 2014, Donnelly became engaged to the duo's manager Ali Astall, with whom he had been in a relationship for over a year, with the marriage taking place at St Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Elswick, Tyne and Wear, on 1 August 2015.

Are Ant and Dec married to each other?

Who are Ant and Dec married to? Ant was married to professional make up artist Lisa Armstrong; however they confirmed their split in January after 11 years of marriage. Dec married his former talent manager Ali Astall in 2015, after they became an item in 2014.

Is Geoff from Byker Grove?

Billy Fane, played Geoff Keegan

Actor Billy Fane found fame on Byker Grove, spending 10 years on the show as the youth club leader Geoff Keegan. Geoff was the backbone and the moral compass of the show with his lamb chop sideburns and wise words.