As I Lay Dying is Faulkner’s harrowing account of the Bundren family’s odyssey across the Mississippi countryside to bury Addie, their wife and mother.
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What is happening in As I Lay Dying?

Plot summary It is the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her poor, rural family’s quest and motivations—noble or selfish—to honor her wish to be buried in her hometown of Jefferson, Mississippi.

Where are the Bundrens going?

As the novel begins, Addie Bundren lays dying in her bedroom while her son Cash builds her coffin. Addie’s ineffectual husband, Anse, is arranging to have her buried in Jefferson, a town forty miles away, because Addie has requested this last wish.

What happens at the river in As I Lay Dying?

Darl and Cash take the wagon along the river to the ford, with Jewel accompanying them on horseback. The trees break, and they spot Tull with Anse, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman on the other side of the river. … Anse’s mules float up out of the water, drowned.

How long was the trip in As I Lay Dying?

Agamemnon says, “As I lay dying, the woman with the dog’s eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.” As Faulkner’s novel opens, Addie Bundren is dying. She will not be allowed to rest in peace, however, as the family encounters a flood and a fire on the 40-mile trip to Jefferson to bury her.

How many children does Addie Bundren have?

Addie is Anse’s wife and mother to Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman (in that order). She narrates section 40, though she dies in Section 12.

Has Nick hipa Left As I Lay Dying?

Citing his current priorities as “a motion design career, deep focus on my family, taking care of my health, and working on other creative projects”, Hipa said that his decision to step away from As I Lay Dying, who reunited in 2018 after a few years of inactivity, came after “the story and meaning we built our reunion …

What happened to Cash's leg in As I Lay Dying?

He suggests that Darl save himself and jump into the water. Cash is thrown into the water, holds onto the rope. Cash is kicked by Jewel’s horse, re-breaking his leg.

What is Dewey Dells secret?

Dewey Dell goes to the pharmacy and asks the druggist Moseley to give her something to abort her pregnancy for ten bucks. Dewey Dell leaves Moseley’s without any medicine. She tells Vardaman to keep the burning barn events a secret. She calls for Jewel when he runs to the coffin by the fire.

Who is cash in As I Lay Dying?

Cash is the oldest son. He is the one whom Addie refers to when she says that she robbed Anse of one son. Cash was born at a time when his mother had just discovered that words are meaningless and that only through acts can people achieve an awareness of life.

What does Samson and his friends mistakenly assume about the Bundrens?

When Samson first sees the Bundrens, we hear him assume that the Bundrens are taking a holiday, now that they have buried Mrs. Bundren. The irony here, of course, is that the average person would assume that a woman dead for four days would not be carted about the country in the back end of a wagon.

Who narrates the river crossing scene in As I Lay Dying?

As I Lay Dying Section Thirty-Four, narrated by Darl.

How old is Dewey Dell in As I Lay Dying?

Dewey Dell The sixteen-year-old, unmarried pregnant daughter who is trying to find a way to have an abortion.

Why does Vardaman drill holes in the coffin?

First of all, Vardaman didn’t know he was drilling through her face; he was only trying to drill through the coffin. He thought his mother was still alive. If she’s still alive, then she needs air, and she can’t get air when the coffin is nailed close over her. So the answer is to put some holes in the box.

Why did William Faulkner write as I lay dying?

Faulkner, a Mississippi high school dropout, made it his mission to capture the emotional lives of the rural poor, unflinchingly writing about race, gender, sexuality, and power. … He wrote As I Lay Dying in six or eight weeks (six by Faulkner’s claim, eight by looking at the carbon typescript).

Why did Addie marry Anse in As I Lay Dying?

We see that Addie married Anse because there was nothing else to do. She was tired of the children, tired of teaching school, and she says that when Anse came along she simply accepted him without any thought. There is no implication of love but simply a marriage of convenience.

Who is the oldest son in As I Lay Dying?

Cash Bundren Cash is Addie’s oldest child and narrates sections 18, 22, 38, 53, and 59.

What does Addie's chapter mean in As I Lay Dying?

In his novel As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner uses the Addie chapter as his statement of the artificiality of language and how words cannot be substituted for deeds. He shows how words often fail to communicate, how words are falsely used to imitate experience, and the significance of action over words.

Did As I Lay Dying break up again?

As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis has taken his official Instagram account to send his respects for his former band Nick Hipa. … Four years later, in 2018, the guitarist had rejoined them and break-up with the band once again in 2020. Throughout his career, Hipa released seven albums with the band.

Where did As I Lay Dying get their name?

The band named themselves after the 1930’s novel “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner which is about the death of Addie Bundren and her family’s quest to bury her. According to the band there is no correlation between the book and the band, they just thought it sounded like a cool band name so they decided to steal it.

Is As I Lay Dying working on a new album?

“Its exciting to be working on music again after some downtime,” says Lambesis. “‘Roots Below’ was originally a B-side leftover from when we recorded Shaped By Fire, but Phil [Sgrosso, guitar] and Josh really brought new life to it when they recently finished it and added new layers.”

Why did Darl burn down the barn?

In the early part of this section, Darl tells Vardaman that he heard his mother asking to be hidden from the sight of man. This is one of the motivating reasons behind Darl’s decision to burn the barn. … Therefore, he wants to thwart their selfish motives and at the same time give his mother a respectable cremation.

Why does Darl laugh at the end of As I Lay Dying?

Consequently, it can be maintained that this is a rather ridiculous situation and that Darl laughs because he is intelligent and perceptive enough to recognize the absurdity of the entire situation.

What does Vardaman mean by my mother is a fish?

After Addie’s death, Vardaman realizes that the fish, like his mother, is now in a different state of existence than before, leading him to conclude, “My mother is a fish.” This connection between Addie and fish emerges once again during the river episode, as Vardaman compares his mother’s coffin to the fish in the …

What role does Peabody play in As I Lay Dying?

Peabody, the doctor, has been called by Anse and is making his way to the Bundrens’. At first he wondered if Tull had called him on behalf of the Bundrens, but he realizes that only Anse is unlucky enough to have summoned a doctor when a cyclone was building.

Who does Anse marry at the end of As I Lay Dying?

Addie Bundren, the wife of Anse Bundren and the matriarch of a poor southern family, is very ill, and is expected to die soon. Her oldest son, Cash, puts all of his carpentry skills into preparing her coffin, which he builds right in front of Addie’s bedroom window.

Does Dewey Dell hate Darl?

We are never to know definitely how Darl has come to discover that Dewey Dell is pregnant, but on account of his taunting her about her condition, Dewey Dell develops an intense hatred for her brother, and this hatred will later cause her to attack him violently.

What does giving birth to cash do to Addie?

But soon after Cash’s birth, Addie realized that words are not connected with violence and are useless. Thus she decides to close herself to Anse, who represents only the ineffectuality of words. Only through violence, and not through words, can Addie feel that she is living.

Who is the most reliable character in As I Lay Dying?

By the last few narrative sections in the novel, Cash has established himself as a reliable and sensible voice, a welcome refuge for the reader given the strange, disjointed words of Vardaman and the maniacal ranting of the now-insane Darl.

Who is Jewel's father as I lay dying?

Jewel is Addie’s third child and narrates Section 4. His biological father is the Reverend Whitfield.

What is the difference in miles between where the Bundrens are buried and where Addie will be buried?

In its broadest terms, the structure of As I Lay Dying revolves around the preparations for and the actual journey from the Bundren farm to a town forty miles away in order to bury Addie Bundren.

Who is Armstid in As I Lay Dying?

Armstid. A local farmer who puts up the Bundrens on the second evening of their funeral journey. Anse repeatedly and rigidly refuses Armstid’s offer to lend Anse a team of mules.

What does Anse blame for most of his troubles Why?

He is convinced that the road that was put in near his house has brought bad luck, and he blames it for Addie’s ill health. Vardaman reappears, covered with blood after cleaning his fish. Anse tells Vardaman to go wash his hands.

How is the Tull family similar to or different from the Bundren family?

The Bundrens are a poor family in the rural South, and there are a few details from the book that denote their poverty. In contrast, their neighbors the Tulls are a wealthier family, they have means and run successful businesses, and are less neurotic—leaving them more time to be successful.

What is MacGowan to Dewey Dell?

MacGowan gives Dewey Dell a box of capsules and leads her to “the rest of the treatment” in the pharmacy basement, where he will take advantage of her. MacGowan’s attempt to pretend to be a doctor is not particularly sophisticated, and thus reveals the extent of both Dewey Dell’s desperation and her ignorance.

Who does Vardaman blame for Addie's death?

He sees the spot on the ground where he first laid the fish he caught, and thinks about how the fish is now chopped up into little pieces of “not-fish” and “not-blood.” Vardaman reasons that Peabody is responsible for Addie’s death and curses him for it.

Whose fault is the debacle at the river as I lay dying?

Tull blames Anse for the misfortune of the situation, and explains how Jewel tightly gripped the rope keeping the coffin and the wagon within reach.

Who does Anse introduce the family to at the end of the novel?

Looking both sheepish and proud, Anse introduces all of his children to the woman, and tells them all to “[m]eet Mrs. Bundren.”

Why do Cash and Darl initially think Jewel is sneaking out at night?

He knew that Jewel was sneaking out at night because the lantern was always missing after dark. He and Cash figured he must have been sleeping with a married woman.

Who is Addie's favorite child?

Jewel Bundren – Jewel is the third of the Bundren children, most likely around nineteen years of age. A half-brother to the other children and the favorite of Addie, he is the illegitimate son of Addie and Reverend Whitfield.

How old is Darl As I Lay Dying?

Darl Bundren – Darl is the second-eldest son of Anse and Addie Bundren. He has the most chapters of narration in the novel. He is frequently rude to his siblings and has a strange ability to describe events that he is not physically present for. He is around 28 years old.