Location List
Location nameCity
Seattle 503 S Royal Brougham Way, WA 98134Seattle
Seattlebolt Centurylink 5th Ave S Dearborn St, WA 98104Seattlebolt Centurylink
Tacoma 510 Puyallup Ave, WA 98402Tacoma
Vancouver 1150 Station St, BC V6A4C7Vancouver

Similarly, you may ask, where does Bolt Bus pick up?

Located at the Tacoma Dome transit terminal. Pick up is in front of the Greyhound station on Puyallup Ave.

Furthermore, does BoltBus go to Seatac? Yes, the Boltbus Seattle stop is on the street next to/above the Int'l District station stop for the Link light rail. For the airport bound train you'll want the southbound platform which you reach by stairs or elevator furthest away from the street (West).

Similarly one may ask, where does the Bolt bus arrive in Seattle?

Seattle, WA (5th Avenue South @ S. Dearborn St) – BoltBus.

Where does the Bolt Bus pick up in NYC?

Unlike most bus companies, BoltBus doesn't depart or arrive at Port Authority Bus Terminal or Grand Central Terminal. Instead, the carrier's New York pickup and drop-off points are at curbside stops.

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Do Bolt buses have bathrooms?

Bolt Bus offers at least one $1 fare on each bus, so one lucky rider gets a cheap seat. The Bolt Bus is similar to other commercial buses–clean, comfortable seats with more legroom than the airlines, overhead bins, luggage storage underneath, and restrooms in the back.

Which is better Bolt Bus or Megabus?

In my opinion, Boltbus is so much more comfortable than Megabus. There are way more legroom and the outlets actually work. Because it's not a double-decker bus, there are fewer people on the bus and more room overall.

How much does bolt bus cost?

On each trip, at least one ticket is sold for $1, with most pre-booked tickets priced in the $10–$20 range, via the yield management model. BoltBus sells the $1 tickets at random within the first few seats sold. The $1 fare is the basis for its slogan “Bolt for a Buck”.

Is Bolt bus safe?

Safety record: Greyhound, which owns Bolt Bus, reported a total of 121 crashes—5 of them fatal—over a two-year period ending today, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

How do I get a $1 bolt bus ticket?

How to Get $1 Bus Tickets
  1. Pick Your Route.
  2. Book Your Ticket as Early as Possible.
  3. Time Your Trip Right.
  4. Look for Special Offers.
  5. Sign Up for Bolt Rewards.

Where does the Bolt Bus drop you off in Portland?

The BoltBus stop is located on the east side of Holladay Park at 1060 NE 13th Ave.

Where does the Bolt bus stop in Eugene Oregon?

Location List
Location nameCity
Corvallis Nw Monroe Ave 508 Nw Monroe Ave, OR 97333Corvallis Nw Monroe Ave
Eugene 296 E 5th Ave, OR 97401Eugene
Everett Smith Ave 3201 Smith Ave Ste 103, WA 98201Everett Smith Ave
Greenbelt Metrorail Station 5717 Greenbelt Metro Dr, MD 20740Greenbelt Metrorail Station

Where do I catch the bolt bus in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia JFK & N. 30th St. This is an outdoor stop located on JFK Blvd. approximately 100 yards west of the intersection of JFK Blvd.

How much is Bolt bus from Seattle to Portland?

Information on this bus route
Daily Buses23
Average Ticket Price$22
Minimum Trip Duration3h
Average Bus Trip Duration3h 30m
Bus Companies on This RouteFlixBus, Greyhound US, BoltBus

Does Megabus have WIFI?

Use the Megabus Wifi and Your Cellular connection at the same time. iOS and Android devices typically only use one internet connection at a time. They connect via Wi-Fi or the devices cell signal. When you download the Speedify app, you are getting the world's premier mobile VPN service.

Where does Megabus go?

With headquarters in both Elizabeth, NJ and Peterborough, ON, megabus offers a network of intercity bus connections in both the United States and Canada. From the Midwest to the east and west coasts, megabus operates bus connections to and from roughly 120 cities throughout North America.

Where does Bolt Bus pick up at Cherry Hill Mall?

The Bolt Bus stop is on the corner of Hillview Drive and Kaighns Avenue.

Where does bolt bus leave from in Vancouver?

Vancouver, BC (1150 Station Street-Gate 4) This stop is located inside Pacific Central Station.

Where does Bieber bus drop off in NYC?

Location is 383 Madison Avenue at East 47th Street

Bieber buses have a new place to pick up and drop off passengers in New York City. The Kutztown-based bus company announced Friday that, as of Saturday, the new location will be at 383 Madison Avenue, at East 47th Street.

Is Wanderu real?

Wanderu, a minimalist Web site introduced this month, enables travelers to search for bus and train trips in the Northeast across multiple companies. The site does not directly sell tickets, but it provides a link that allows you to book your trip with your chosen company.

How do I get from Vancouver to Seattle?

The trip takes 1 hour and 35 minutes to cross the 24-nautical-mile distance. Clipper Vacations' Seattle to Victoria passenger-only ferry zips down to the Seattle Ferry Terminal in 2 hours and 45 minutes. To make the trip with a car by ferry, catch the Washington State Ferry at Sidney on Vancouver Island.

Can you reserve a seat on Bolt Bus?

Of course, you don't want to miss your bus, but BoltBus only guarantees you a seat on your ticketed scheduled bus provided you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure to claim your seat.

Can you reschedule BoltBus?

Rebooking Services are available only by phone at 1-877-BOLTBUS (select Option #1). Passengers are allowed to rebook up to the day prior to the original planned departure between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm ET.

Can you buy a one way Greyhound ticket?

You can buy tickets at the ticket counter at any Greyhound bus station, where you‘ll be given your printed ticket. You can buy a ticket for travel the same day, or take advantage of lower prices by buying your ticket in advance (although it still won't be as low as buying in advance online).