They named the band REO Speedwagon, from the REO Speed Wagon, a 1915 truck that was designed by Ransom Eli Olds. Doughty had seen the name written across the blackboard when he walked into his History of Transportation class on the first day they had decided to look for a name.
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What did the REO in REO Speedwagon stand for?

First introduced in 1915, production continued through at least 1953, and made REO (the initials of its founder, Ransom Eli Olds) one of the better-known manufacturers of commercial vehicles in America prior to World War II.

What is REO Speedwagon real name?

Kevin Cronin
Occupation(s)Musician, singer/songwriter, producer
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1970–present
Associated actsREO Speedwagon
How many members of REO Speedwagon are original?

The current lineup of REO Speedwagon consists of Cronin, original member Neal Doughty (keyboards), Bruce Hall (bass), Dave Amato (lead guitar) and Bryan Hitt (drums). Notably, these five band members have been together since 1989.

Who made the REO car?

HeadquartersLansing, Michigan
ProductsCars, buses, trucks
Is REO Speedwagon still touring?

REO Speedwagon continues to tour regularly, performing mostly their classic hits.

Whats REO stand for?

Real estate owned (REO) is the term for a property owned by a lender because it failed to sale in a foreclosure auction after the borrower defaulted on his or her mortgage. … REOs are often sold at a discount by banks and other lenders.

Is Speedwagon a girl?

Speedwagon is a man of medium height and athletic build.

Are the original members of REO Speedwagon still together?

Since the end of Harms’s brief tenure with the group, REO Speedwagon has retained a consistent lineup of Kevin Cronin, Dave Amato, Bruce Hall, Neal Doughty and Bryan Hitt.

Why did REO Speedwagon break up?

When Gary Richrath left REO, it was rumored the band was breaking up because of extreme personality conflicts among REO’s members. Gary Richrath did admit to crossing swords a few times with lead singer Kevin Cronin. “We had songwriting conflicts about whose songs would go on the albums,” Richrath said.

Is REO Speedwagon in the Hall of Fame?

REO Speedwagon and Cheap Trick are among the first class of inductees to the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What is REO Speedwagon's biggest hit?

  • ‘Time for Me to Fly’
  • ‘Roll With the Changes’ …
  • ‘Ridin’ the Storm Out’ (Live) …
  • ‘Keep Pushin” …
  • ‘157 Riverside Avenue’ (Live) …
  • ‘Golden Country’ From: ‘T.W.O.’ (1972) …
  • ‘Music Man’ From: ‘T.W.O.’ (1972) …
  • ‘Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight’ From: ‘You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish’ (1978) …
What is REO Speedwagon worth?

Net Worth:$25 Million
Date of Birth:Oct 6, 1951 (69 years old)
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)
Are Diamond Reo Trucks still made?

HeadquartersLansing, Michigan
Is REO Speedwagon a fire engine?

You may have heard me mention on New Jersey 101.5 that the rock band “REO Speedwagon” took their name from a fire truck. HERE is proof in pictures! The REO Speed Wagon was a light truck, made by the REO Motor Car Company of Lansing, Michigan.