Get your rocks off: the origins, the meanings and the future of Bob Dylan’s song. When discussing “Times they are a changing” with a journalist from Melody Maker magazine Dylan is reported to have said that the song was “about the person who doesn’t take you seriously but expects you to take him seriously.”
Where does the phrase my cup runneth over come from? what does my cup runneth over mean.


What does get your rocks off mean?

Definition of get one’s rocks off informal. 1 of a man : to have an orgasm. 2 : to feel great pleasure or satisfaction He gets his rocks off bossing everyone around.

Who did get your rocks off?

Original versions of Get Your Rocks Off written by Bob Dylan | SecondHandSongs.

Where do you get off origin?

This expression, alluding to the use of tall horses by high-ranking persons, dates from the late 1700s. Similarly, off one’s high horse means “less arrogantly, more humbly,” as in I wish she’d get off her high horse and be more friendly. It dates from the early 1900s, but is heard less often today.

What does it mean to get a rock?

People think of rocks as strong, solid, and unchanging. To call a person a rock means the same thing. That person is someone you can always rely on to help and support you. This expression likely is adapted from a similar one in the Bible.

What does it mean to have your socks off?

work/laugh/run etc your socks off phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to work very hard to achieve something. Synonyms and related words. To work hard.

What is the meaning of on the rock?

See synonyms for on the rocks on 1. Ruined, spoiled, as in Six months after the wedding, their marriage was on the rocks. This expression, alluding to a ship running aground on rocks and breaking apart, has been used figuratively for other disasters since the late 1800s. 2.

Who wrote the song rocks?

Songwriter(s)Bobby Gillespie Andrew Innes Robert Young
Producer(s)Tom Dowd
Primal Scream singles chronology
“‘Dixie-Narco EP'” (1992) “Rocks” / “Funky Jam” (1994) “Jailbird” (1994)
Is it a rock or mineral?

A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic compound with a unique chemical structure and physical properties. A rock is a solid, stony mass composed of a combination of minerals or other organic compounds. For example, quartz and feldspars are minerals, but when formed together, they make a rock, granite.

Where do men get off meaning?

If you tell someone where to get off, you tell them in a rather rude way that you are not going to do or agree to what they want.

What Does the British phrase one-off mean?

A: The phrase “one-off” (it’s used as both an adjective and a noun) originated in Britain in the 1930s and appears to be gaining popularity here. It refers to something that is one of a kind or is occurring or being produced only once.

What does getting on my wick mean?

Definition of get on someone’s wick British, informal. : to annoy someone His chatter was getting on my wick.

Who is the rock in Scripture?

Moses spoke of the God of Israel as a Rock: “Ascribe ye greatness unto our God. He is the Rock, his work is perfect, … a God of truth and without iniquity.” (Deut. 32:3–4.)

What does it mean to be someone's yellow?

To be yellow-bellied is to be cowardly or easily scared. If you’re yellow-bellied, you’re not brave. It’s the kind of word cowboys use, partner. This word originally applied to birds that literally have a yellow belly, like the yellow-bellied sapsucker.

What does you rock my world mean?

In this context, it means something like, “you are amazing.” In “you rock my world” It is supposed to mean something like “You make my world/my life complete/fun.

What does laughing your socks off mean?

To laugh your socks off It means that you find something really funny, so you are laughing a lot!

What weird thing did you have to do if you attended a sock hop?

So kids danced in their socks, hence the name. So a “weird rule” would have been “no shoes on the dance floor”.

What does socks stand for?

SOCKS, which stands for Socket Secure, is a network protocol that facilitates communication with servers through a firewall by routing network traffic to the actual server on behalf of a client.

Why is it called Whisky on the rocks?

You can trace the phrase on the rocks can back to ancient Scotland, the great-grandfather and inventor of whisky. In the days before ice cubes and freezers, the story goes that a savvy Scotsman could chill his whisky with cold rocks from the river. These days, many folks drink whisky with an ice cube or two.

What is the meaning of ants in your pants?

Be extremely restless, uneasy, impatient, or anxious, as in This child just can’t sit still; she must have ants in her pants. This rhyming idiom calls up a vivid image of what might cause one to be jumpy. [ Slang; 1920s] 2.

What does a night on the rocks mean?

A slang term for a drink with ice. A drink ordered “on the rocks” simply means a spirit, usually 2 oz, served over ice. … Rarely would you drink a mixed cocktail without ice since most are either stirred or shaken with ice in order to be enjoyed at optimal temperature.

What is the song a rock about?

Hardy described the title track from his debut album, A Rock, as a “stoner idea” about how rocks are significant throughout our lives – from skipping rocks in a pond at the beginning to being buried beneath a tombstone at the end.

When did rocks originate?

RocksReleasedMay 14, 1976RecordedFebruary–March 1976StudioWherehouse, Waltham, Massachusetts Record Plant, New York CityGenreHard rock heavy metal

What can scratch quartz?

Quartz is a 7. It can be scratched by topaz, corundum, and diamond. Quartz will scratch minerals that have a lower number on the scale.

Is coal a rock?

Coal is a black sedimentary rock that can be burned for fuel and used to generate electricity. Coal is the leading source of energy in the United States. Coal is a black or brownish-black sedimentary rock that can be burned for fuel and used to generate electricity.

What crystals can be found in Indiana?

Indiana is not only filled with various minerals that you can find, but it has a great diversity in its crystal deposits. You can find in Indiana crystals such as quartz, corundum, calcite crystals, selenite, dolomite pink crystals, apatite, marcasite, aragonite, barite crystals, or strontianite.

What does getting off mean for a girl?

Definition of get off with (someone) : to have sex with (someone) : to begin a sexual relationship with (someone) She found out he’d gotten off with another woman.

How do you use get off?

  1. 1 : to avoid the most serious consequences of a dangerous situation or punishment got off with a light sentence.
  2. 2 : start, leave got off on the trip early.
  3. 3 : to leave work with permission or as scheduled.
  4. 4 : to get high on a drug.
  5. 5 : to experience orgasm.
  6. 6 : to experience great pleasure —often used with on.
Is get off a phrasal verb?

GET OFF (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a one off payment called?

What is the one-off payment? The one-off payment is called a Budgeting Advance and can be taken out on top of your usual monthly payments. … You may also be entitled to the cash to pay for funeral expenses, goods or training related to getting a job or in order to stay in work.

What means 2 off?

It means the number of items ordered at the same time (not a cumulative re-order, at a later date): 3 off = times 3. 1 off = price if buying one item at time of ordering. 2 off = price if buying two items at time of ordering. etc. I agree that it does look strange.

Is it one ofs or one offs?

One-off” (always hyphenated) refers to something that will happen only once, never be repeated.

What does Wick mean in slang?

a cord or band of loosely twisted or woven fibres, as in a candle, cigarette lighter, etc, that supplies fuel to a flame by capillary action. get on someone’s wick British slang to cause irritation to a person.

Where does the expression you're getting on my wick come from?

The expression is of UK origin but sounds a little dated now and was much more widely used in the mid 20th century. ‘Wick’ isn’t just slang, it is Cockney Rhyming Slang. … ‘Wick’ as slang for ‘prick’, and the first use of the phrase in question, appears to have begun in the British services during WWII.

What does Wick mean in Old English?

From earlier Middle English wik, wich (“village, hamlet, town”); from Old English wīc (“dwelling place, abode”); Germanic borrowing from Latin vīcus (“village, estate”) (see vicinity).

What did Jesus mean when he said upon this rock I build my church?

Jesus is saying that though He were rejected by the people, arrested, tried and found innocent and then crucified anyway, it would not stop him from building His church. The Jews did reject Christ and crucify Christ, but He arose, He did build His church.

What does the Bible say about God being our rock?

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies. The cords of death entangled me; the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me.

Why is Jesus called the Rock of Ages?

An unfailing source of strength. The term was originally a religious one, a translation from the Hebrew in the Bible (Isaiah 26:4), which the King James Version has as “everlasting strength.” It later was variously defined as God, religious faith, and salvation.

What does you're my purple mean?

BTS Fans Celebrate 1,000 Days of Kim Taehyung’s Phrase of Love. … Taehyung, whose stage name is V, explained the color purple was a hue of love. “Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time, “I just made it up,” he said.

What does it mean if your someone's purple?

“Strong cannabis” is the most common definition for PURPLE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. PURPLE. Definition: Strong cannabis.

What does it mean when you call someone your blue?

Being “blue” usually means sad or down in spirit. It can also mean loyalty like being ‘true blue’. You can mess something up and one may say that “you blew it”.