The limit switch is a safety control switch located on the furnace just below the plenum. If the plenum gets too hot, the limit switch shuts off the burner.
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Where is the furnace limit switch located?

The limit switch is a safety control switch located on the furnace just below the plenum. If the plenum gets too hot, the limit switch shuts off the burner.

How do you reset the limit switch on a furnace?

How to Reset Furnace Limit Switch. Once the problem affecting your furnace has been identified and corrected, you should reset your furnace to continue enjoying the warmth on your home. In most gas furnace, this is done by simply shutting off the power supply and turning it back on after 20 or so seconds.

How do I know if my limit switch is bad?

The most common sign of a malfunctioning limit switch is the continuous operation of your furnace’s blower. Just as the limit switch won’t allow the fan to turn on until the warm air has reached the right temperature, the limit switch also shuts down when the air cools to a certain temperature.

Where is furnace reset button?

Locate the reset button on the furnace and press it to reset the furnace. It is usually located inside the blower compartment on the side of the blower motor. Be cautious as the housing may be hot. If the button is popped up, press it down.

Are furnace limit switches normally open?

The limit switch is a normally closed switch in series with the sail switch and the thermostat. Being temperature actuated, it is designed to “snap open” when an over temperature condition occurs. Thus the switch is normally opening under full load conditions and that causes arcing of the contacts.

How much does it cost to replace a limit switch on a furnace?

Average Cost of a New Furnace Limit Switch Depending on who your OEM is, this component could roughly cost you anywhere from $4 to $25.

Can a furnace high limit switch go bad?

Like any other part in your HVAC system, the high limit switch can wear out over time. One of the most common issues that happens when a high limit switch goes bad is that it fails to signal the blower fan to turn off. … High limit switches can also weaken over time so that they begin tripping at a lower temperature.

What does furnace fan limit switch do?

The furnace fan limit switch is designed to activate and deactivate the furnace blower assembly. This component is responsible for transmitting warm air throughout the air ducts in your home. In addition, the furnace limit switch is also engineered to shut down the furnace to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

Why does my furnace high limit switch keep tripping?

A high limit switch will keep tripping due to a dirty flame sensor, short cycling, obstructed airflow, or a defective switch. These lead to overheating within the gas furnace that triggers tripping as a safety measure to prevent fires. Clean and replace dirty and worn-out parts to fix the problem.

Why does my furnace blower keeps turning on and off?

If your blower is constantly turning on/off when the furnace isn’t heating… …you most likely have a bad fan limit switch. … So if your furnace blower is turning on and off when the furnace isn’t in a heat cycle, it usually means the fan limit switch is defective.

How long does it take for furnace to reset?

Either way, restarting a furnace is a relatively simple task that takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Follow these steps to reset your gas furnace: Turn the circuit breaker off and switch the furnace power button off too.

What causes high limit switch open?

The high limit switch has a flame sensor rod that detects air temperatures in the plenum of the furnace. If it is dirty, it cannot properly detect temperatures, which is one reason why the furnace high limit switch trips.

What is the symbol for a limit switch?

Horizontal SymbolVertical SymbolDescription
HLS11VLS11Limit Switch Normally Open
HLS12VLS12Limit Switch Normally Closed
HLS11CVLS11CLimit Switch, Roller Normally Open
HLS12CVLS12CLimit Switch, Roller Normally Closed
Can you clean a limit switch?

Remove the high limit switch by removing the two screws that hold it to the plenum. If the flame sensor rod is dirty, you can try cleaning it gently with steel wool or sandpaper, or replace the part with an identical new part.

Should my furnace switch be on or off?

If it’s a natural gas furnace that uses a standing pilot light to ignite the burners, then we recommend you shut it all the way off by turning off the gas to it. … You need electricity no matter what, so there’s no reason to shut down an electric furnace. Simply stop using it.

Why does my furnace run for 30 seconds and shut off?

If your furnace keeps shutting off, it could be due to low airflow. There are several indirect issues that cause low airflow. Dirty Air Filters. If you don’t change your air filters often enough, the filters will become dirty and clogged, which means the heat exchanger retains heat and eventually causes it to overheat.

Why won't my furnace shut off?

If it’s cold, that means that your furnace is not running but the air handler is still blowing air. … If the air that the furnace is blowing is hot, that means that the furnace burners aren’t turning off. Two very common causes are that the thermostat is set too high, or the filters being dirty.

Where is furnace pilot?

Near the bottom of your furnace is a switch that normally says “Pilot,” “On” and “Off.” Find this switch and turn it to the “Off” position. Wait at least five minutes. This is important because it gives the gas time to dissipate, which is necessary to avoid possibly starting a fire.