Simon Bates

Similarly, you may ask, who presented tune?

Simon Bates

Secondly, what radio station is Simon Bates on? Simon Bates at Breakfast

Home stationSmooth Radio
Hosted bySimon Bates
Produced bySeb Sears
Original release4 January 2011 – 21 March 2014

Moreover, what happened to DJ Simon Bates?

Veteran radio DJ Simon Bates has suddenly quit his job at the BBC. Bates, who spent years on Radio 1 , took over the breakfast slot at BBC Radio Devon two years ago. But he has now confirmed he left the station after rumours of a possible split on Friday. A reason why Mr Bates left suddenly is yet to be revealed.

How old is Simon Bates?

73 years (December 17, 1946)

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Who did the sad stories on Radio One?

Simon Bates

What did Mike Smith die of?


What does Gary Davies do now?

Gary, who also hosted Top Of The Pops, left Radio 1 in 1993 and moved to commercial radio. Now 62, he is single and lives with his partner JJ in London. He runs Good Groove, a music company that represents artists and writers.

Is Simon Bates married?

Family Life

He married Carolyn Bates.

What does Peter Powell do now?

The marriage ended in 1998. Powell briefly returned to the radio limelight in 2006 to host a six-part show on Garrison FM called Peter Powell's Popsicle. Powell is now a millionaire thanks to his business interests, and he reached 68 years of age in 2019.