Both work very well, especially when using mesh mode across multiple headsets. However I found the Cardo to have better sound, easier to use controls and functions and having better battery life. The Sena 50s is a very good unit, but the Cardo with the upgrades speakers was just a touch better.
Which is better sensing or intuitive? sensing vs intuition picture test.

Is Cardo compatible with Sena?

Pairing to other Bluetooth helmet kits (including Cardo) Open your internet browser and go to: … This will have unlocked the universal pairing feature. Turn your SMH10 on (make sure you have the speakers/boom attached).

Can Cardo and Sena communicate with mesh?

If you have more than six riders in your group, both Cardo and Sena offer mesh technology(DMC and Mesh 2.0, respectively) to handle communication up to five kilometers.

Which is the best motorcycle intercom system?

  • UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth Communicator. Review: In-depth review. …
  • SENA 5S Bluetooth Headset. Review: In-depth review. …
  • UCLEAR Motion 4 Lite. Review: In-depth review. …
  • UCLEAR Motion 6. Review: In-depth review. …
  • SENA 50R Bluetooth Headset. …
  • Cardo PackTalk BOLD JBL Headset.
Are Sena headsets good?

Overall it’s a great device, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good bluetooth headset. Sena could stand to make a few improvements, but overall I really like it. If it came down to it, I would definitely buy another one!

Is Sena waterproof?

While most Sena devices claim to be waterproof, I have unfortunately destroyed a couple while riding in the rain. My 50R has seen some of the heaviest rain storms I’ve ridden through in recent years, with no problems.

Can Sena pair with other brands?

Earlier this year, Sena released a firmware update for the SMH10, SMH10R, and SMH5. The major addition in this update is the new Universal Intercom feature, allowing cross-brand interoperability. Then, just last week, UClear followed with a firmware update also allowing cross-brand communications.

Does Cardo work with Siri?

Natural voice-command operation allows riders to simply say, “Hey Cardo” without having to press any buttons, and the always-on device reacts instantaneously. Additionally, the technology seamlessly integrates with Apple’s Siri™ and “OK Google”™ voice-command platforms.

Is Sena 50S waterproof?

The 50S, along with its clamp, is still highly weather and water-resistant.

Is Sena 10S waterproof?

The 10S intercom module is weather-resistant, but not waterproof, which means it should be fine for rain use but not total immersion.

What's the best motorcycle headset?

NamePicked ForPrice
Lexin LX-FT4Runer-Up For Best ValueCheck Price
Cardo Freecom 4 PlusBest Sound QualityCheck Price
Sena 20S EvoRunner-Up For Best IntercomCheck Price
FreedConn TCOM-SCRunner-Up For Best Budget PickCheck Price
Is the Sena 30K worth it?

Cost. Before you buy a motorcycle intercom system, you must check its price tag to see if it’s within your budget or not. … The higher cost of Sena 30K is well worth it, given the integrated mesh network technology plus quick charge function.

Is mesh better than Bluetooth?

With +Mesh any Sena Bluetooth headset or helmet can now enjoy the many benefits of Mesh technology, including the ability to connect more riders than traditional Bluetooth. Mesh-Network technology allows users to connect to a virtually limitless number of riders, which is great for larger riding groups.

Is Sena headset waterproof?

Built to be water and sweat resistant, you won’t have to think twice about keeping your Expand headset on your head as the weather rolls in. The Expand is the only Bluetooth headset with water resistance of its kind.

What is Sena 30?

The Sena 30K is not simply a Bluetooth headset, it is an adaptive-mesh communicator: the future of wireless communication. The 30K operates on Sena’s Mesh Intercom technology, a 2.4 GHz frequency, connecting to other riders in an entirely new way. Group connectivity is made simple with the 30K.

Is Sena 30K waterproof?

Sena 30K is water resistant, so you do not need to worry about warranty or RMA if a few raindrops manage to wet it. For your music or radio needs, it has an inbuilt FM tuner as well as the MP3 port. The FM tuner can work with frequencies ranging from 64 MHz to 108 MHz and works anywhere in the world.

Is Sena worth?

Yes! Just looking at the design of these communication systems, it is a nice piece to add to your helmet. They look great.

How good are the Sena 20s?

+ Clear & easy to hear even through my earplugs. Sound quality is surprisingly good and plenty of volume. + Bluetooth works very well with my iPhone. I have three different map apps on my iPhone, and all are clearly heard.

Is Sena 10C pro waterproof?

My 10C has water inside it after riding in some mild rain. Let me quote Sena’s own website: “With Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the unibody design is water resistant, firmware upgradeable, and intuitive with voice prompts and voice commands.” …

Can UClear connect to Sena?

Just hold up on the UClear unit for 2 seconds and activate “phone pairing” mode on the Sena and both units will be connected for intercom.

How do I make a call from Cardo?

Making Phone Calls With your mobile phone’s voice dialing – tap . Dialing the default speed dial number – tap three times. Redialing the last number called – tap twice . tap the required speed dial (to define speed dials, see Configuring Speed Dial Numbers on page 1).

Can Sena 50S pair with 30K?

Yes. With the necessary firmware version installed on the 30K, Momentum EVO or the +Mesh, the 50S will be able to talk to someone with one of these devices through the Mesh Intercom in an Open Mesh or in a Group Mesh. … The firmware update for the 30K, Momentum EVO and +Mesh will be released on May 1st, 2020.

How long does a Sena battery last?

When I left on a ride recently the battery was fully charged and battery level was “HIGH”. After a total of 5.5 hours of riding and having conversations with two other riders in Mesh Mode, the unit turned itself off due to “LOW” battery. Sena publicizes on Mesh the battery should last 8 hours.

How does the Sena 10S work?

The Sena 10S uses bluetooth 4.1 to make connections with up to 3 other headsets. It’s older tech than some of the latest Mesh headsets which can support up to around a couple dozen riders (or more). But it’s generally reliable and has as good a range as pretty well any other set on the market.

Is the Sena smh10r waterproof?

Sena doesn’t say that the unit is waterproof, only water resistant. Fortunately for me, the unit itself was very waterproof. I rode in the pouring rain for 3.5 hours (150 miles) on the freeway.

How do I pair 4 Sena headsets?

  1. Put either of the initial headsets into pairing mode, as well as the third one.
  2. Press center button once on either of the currently ‘pairing’ headsets.
  3. Flashing light will eventually turn blue and an intercom conversation will be opened.
Whats the difference between the Sena 50S and 50R?

The main difference between the Sena 50R and 50S is the use of buttons for control on the 50R and a dial on the 50S. Also, the 50S has a slightly higher-capacity battery, delivering an extra hour of Bluetooth and Mesh talk time. … Bluetooth Intercom talk time on the 50R is 13 hours, with the 50S getting 14 hours.

Is Sena SMH5 waterproof?

The SMH-5 and SMH5-FM (review) are “water resistant for use in inclement weather”, according to Sena.

What do bikers use to talk to each other?

There are four types of radio technologies used in the U.S. for motorcycle intercoms. They are GMRS, FRS, FM, and Bluetooth (which may use other technologies to extend range). Frequency Modulation (FM) radio is similar to the FM radio you listen to, but for motorcycle intercoms a narrower frequency is used.

Can Sena 30K pair with 20S?

The 30K does have the ability to bluetooth to a 20S-EVO but if the rider is group riding with other 30K users, they have to toggle to bluetooth to speak to 20S users. While this is possible, it’s not practical to have to switch between mesh and bluetooth while on a group ride.

Does Sena use bluetooth?

Cycling. Adapting our proven Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom technology to all aspects of cycling, Sena has the right solution for any ride you and your friends take. With Bluetooth phone pairing and integrated audio systems, our cycling helmets allow you to #RideConnected!

Does Sena 10r have mesh?


Why should we choose Zigbee over Bluetooth and WIFI?

Unlike Wi-Fi, Zigbee uses a mesh network, meaning that every node in a network is connected, which means you don’t have to rely only on the router and endpoint. Zigbee is reliable, easy to install, and doesn’t use much power, meaning your battery will last you a lot longer.

What technology does Sena use?

Mesh Intercom operates as an adaptive and autonomous wireless technology from Sena that is self-organizing, self-healing, and self-optimizing which makes communication with each other as easy as possible.

How do you charge a Sena 20S Evo?

You can charge the 20S by connecting the supplied USB power & data cable into a computer USB port or USB wall charger. You can use any standard micro-USB cable to charge the 20S . The LED turns red while the headset is charging and turns blue when it is fully charged. It takes about 2.5 hours to be completely charged.

How do I update my Sena smh10r?

Download and install the Sena Device Manager on your computer. Update the firmware of your Sena product with the Sena Device Manager. Reset your Sena product to the factory default setting (refer to the User’s Guide) and pair your Sena product with your Bluetooth device again. Click here for Firmware Release Notes.