Karen Turner


Joe Turner


Furthermore, where is Josh Turner originally from?

Hannah, South Carolina, United States

Also, what age is Josh Turner? 42 years (November 20, 1977)

Keeping this in view, who is Josh Turner's brother?

Matt Turner

Who is Josh Turner's manager?

Jim Mayo – Tour Manager and Accountant – Josh Turner (UMGN-MCA) | LinkedIn.

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Why is Josh Turner's voice so deep?

Country music artist Josh Turner is known for his deep, smooth voice, which has taken four of his hit singles to No. When he was 20, a vocal cord injury hurt his ability to sing. He didn't need surgery, but he went to therapy to get his voice back on track.

What religion is Josh Turner?


What is Josh Turner's net worth?

Josh Turner net worth: Josh Turner is an American country music singer and actor and has a net worth of $17 million. Josh Turner earned his net worth in acting and in the music industry. Early in his life, he sang lead and bass parts in his church choir.

How long has Josh Turner been married?

Josh Turner's wife Jennifer Ford Turner stole his heart while the pair were in college and have been married for 15 years now!

Who is Josh Turner's dad?

Joe Turner

Who wrote I serve a savior?

The title track of Josh Turner's 2018 gospel album, “I Serve A Savior” is one of two original songs on the collection. His wife and son's tune “The River (of Happiness) (live from Gaither Studios)” is the other. Turner wrote the song with his good friend Mark Narmore.

What has Josh Turner acted in?

Billy: The Early Years

What happened to Josh Turner's band?

The fatal accident happened in Shandon, California, after Turner performed a concert in nearby Paso Robles. Turner and his band were on a different bus, according to a tweet from the San Luis Obispo County Fire Department. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

What caused Josh Turner bus crash?

According to the crash report, the bus, which was not carrying Josh, left the roadway for unknown reasons and dove off a 50-foot embankment. The California Highway Patrol has ruled out drugs or alcohol as the cause of the crash.

What country singer had a bus crash?

Josh Turner's

Where did Josh Turner go to high school?

Belmont University
Francis Marion University

Where did Josh Turner meet his wife?

Josh Turner & Jennifer Ford

The singer met his lovely wife, Jennifer Ford at Nashville's Belmont University back in 1998 when he transferred to the school.

Is Josh Turner from American Idol?

Josh Turner trends after ‘Idol‘: Let us introduce you

Last night, after 16-year-old Scotty McCreery from Garner, N.C., auditioned for American Idol singing “Your Man” — and sounding pretty much like the song's original artist, deep-voiced country singer Josh Turner — the name Josh Turner trended on Twitter.

Who is Josh Turners wife?

Jennifer Ford
m. 2003

How tall is Josh Turner?

1.85 m

Who are the members of Josh Turner's band?

Josh Turner
  • Brad Paisley. Musician/Band.
  • Luke Bryan. Musician/Band.
  • Dierks Bentley. Musician/Band.
  • George Strait. Musician/Band.
  • Trace Adkins. Musician/Band.
  • Brooks & Dunn. Musician/Band.
  • Alan Jackson. Musician/Band.
  • Scotty McCreery. Musician/Band.