The book features a young Shannon, an imaginative but insecure girl who struggles to find a place amongst her group of friends at school: Adrienne, her easygoing and pretty best friend; Jenny, the most popular girl in school; Jen, the bully with her own problems; Wendy, her older sister struggling with her own identity …
Who are the characters in scene two of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? a midsummer night's dream act 1, scene 2 characters.

Is Real Friends by Shannon Hale a true story?

Shannon Hale Talks About Her Graphic Memoir REAL FRIENDS (and Squirrel Girl!)

What happens in the book Real Friends?

Real Friends is a memoir by Shannon Hale about friendship. Journey through this excellent graphic novel and find the true meaning of friendship. Shannon thought she was going to hate school, but when she got to kindergarten she became best friends with Adrienne. She loved school so much just because of Adrienne.

Who is Jen in the book Real Friends?

Jen is the queen bee of the school and the most popular. She is very gullible as she believes Jenny, over anyone else. However, in the second book she starts beliving Shannon more.

How old is Shannon Hale?

Shannon Hale (née Shannon Bryner; born January 26, 1974) is an American author primarily of young adult fantasy, including the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy and The Goose Girl. Her first novel for adults, Austenland, was adapted into a film in 2013.

Why did Shannon Hale write real friends?

SALT LAKE CITY — New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale decided to write her first graphic novel memoir, “Real Friends,” because those were the kinds of stories her daughter was reading. … Shannon struggles to fit in and find out who she wants to become as childhood starts leaving her behind.

How many real friends books are there?

Real Friends Book Series (3 Books)

Who made the book Real Friends?

Shannon Hale is the New York Times bestselling author of over thirty books, including fantasy novels The Goose Girl and Book of a Thousand Days, science fiction novel Dangerous, Newbery Honor winner Princess Academy, graphic novel memoirs Real Friends and Best Friends (with LeUyen Pham), and romantic comedy Austenland …

How much pages does Real Friends have?

Publisher:First Second
Publication date:05/02/2017
Series:Friends , #1

What is the setting of the book Real Friends?

The setting of this book is 1979-1985 Salt Lake City, Utah, and specifically as I perceived it as a 5-11 year old. For some readers, that setting may feel as fantastical as Narnia! And for others, it may feel a lot like their own home. LeUyen, what attracted you to “Real Friends”?

What is Jen's last name in real friends?

Jennifer Lindley
Created byKevin Williamson
Portrayed byMichelle Williams
In-universe information
Full nameJennifer Lindley
What is Jen's real name in real friends?

Jen is a character in Best Friends Whenever. She is portrayed by Eryn Nicole Pablico.

Where can I read a book online for free?

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Where is Shannon Hale now?

Shannon’s books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages and studied in classrooms from elementary schools to universities. She is a renowned public speaker and advocate for gender equality. She and Dean live with their four children near Salt Lake City, Utah.