actress Mary Riggans

Also to know is, how did Josie jump from balamory die?

But it was as High Road's Effie Macinnes, Glendarroch's gossip-in -chief, that she was immortalised. She suffered a stroke in 2012 and passed away in December 2013, holding her daughter's hand.

Furthermore, who was Archie in Balamory? Miles Hugh Barrett Jupp

Beside above, who lives in the Pink House in balamory?


Miss HoolieJulie Wilson NimmoGreen house
Archie the InventorMiles JuppPink castle
Josie JumpBuki Akib (series 1–2) Kasia Haddad (Series 3–4)Yellow house
Edie McCredieJuliet CadzowBlue garage/house

When did they stop filming balamory?

254 episodes were made between 2002 and 2005, when filming ceased. Although the series is no longer made, its arrival on DVD and repeats on children's television have given rise to a new generation of young fans.

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Is Josie jump from balamory dead?

Josie Jump has not been murdered – which should please three- to five-year-olds – but she has been forced to move home. Until now, the fictional character from the BBC's pre-school “soap opera” Balamory has lived in a yellow house that, in real life, is a hotel on the Isle of Mull.

Is Miss Hoolie from Balamory dead?

High Road and Balamory actress Mary Riggans has died at the age of 78. Ms Riggans, who was best known for playing Effie Macinnes in the STV soap for almost 20 years, had suffered a stroke in 2012.

Is balamory a real town?

It's set in a fictional little harbour town which for television purposes is known as Balamory, but in real life is Tobermory (population 900), a tiny seaside hamlet tucked away on Mull's north coast.

Who lived in the blue house in Balamory?

Edie McCredie's blue house is the chocolate factory shop on Main Street. ¿ Archie the Inventor's castle is Fenton Tower, a 16th-century tower house at North Berwick, 20 miles east of Edinburgh.

What is the policeman called in balamory?

Andrew William Agnew (born 28 September 1976) is a Scottish actor. He is best known for playing the role of PC Plum in the BAFTA award-winning CBeebies programme Balamory.

When was balamory first?

February 10, 2002

Who plays PC Plum in Balamory?

Andrew Agnew

Who is the painter in balamory?

Rodd Christensen

Where was me too filmed?

In reality the programme is filmed in North Berwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester. The round school in the programme is a real school situated in Gourock, called Gourock Primary School.

What island is Tobermory on?

Isle of Mull

What channel is balamory on?


Why has Miles Jupp left the News Quiz?

During series 97, running from August to October 2018, Jupp was absent due to filming commitments overseas, so show regulars Simon Evans, Susan Calman, Fred MacAulay, Bridget Christie, Jo Brand and Lucy Porter took turns in the host's seat. Jupp himself chaired the first and last episodes of the series.

Who is Miles Jupp wife?

Rachel Jupp

Who is Miles Jupp married to?

Rachel Jupp

What school did Miles Jupp go to?

The University of Edinburgh
St George's School Windsor Castle

Where was Miles Jupp born?

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Who played Edie Mccredie?

Juliet Cadzow