If you think Thomas Rhett’s original packed a punch lyrically, wait until you hear “Marry Me” from the bride’s perspective by McKenna Grace in the video above.
Who is the girl in unforgettable video? .

Is Lauren Akins in Thomas Rhett video?

In the video, Akins, who is married to country singer Thomas Rhett, laughs hysterically as she attempts to convince her little one to get off the floor. … Lauren Akins shared a very relatable video of her 1-year-old daughter, Lennon Love Akins, and we’re still laughing.

Who is Thomas Rhett's wife?

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, both revealed on Instagram Sunday that they are expecting their fourth child together.

How did Lauren's friend die?

Hunter was the childhood best friend of Rhett’s wife, Lauren, and the singer soon became close to him, too. … As Lauren wrote in her memoir, Live in Love, Hunter died in a rope swing accident, where he fell into a valley, hit his head on rocks and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Is Thomas Rhett's wife a nurse?

Rhett and his wife grew up in the same schools and church just north of Nashville. … Rhett’s country music career started taking off after that. And Akins, a board-certified nurse by training, found her own fame after reluctantly appearing in the music video for her husband’s hit “Die a Happy Man.”

Who is Thomas Rhett's daddy?

Country star Thomas Rhett and his dad — chart-topping singer-turned hit songwriter Rhett Akins — have crossed quite a few accomplishments off their list in the years (and decades) they’ve been at it in Nashville.

Did Thomas Rhett have another baby?

COUNTRY singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins welcomed their third daughter in February 2020. The couple has three daughters, Willa Gray Akins, Ada James Akin and Lennon Love.

Is Laura Adkins pregnant?

Exciting news for Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins — they’re expecting again! “Well… we are pregnant again!” Rhett, 31, announced on Instagram on Saturday.

Who is Thomas Rhett's mom?

Early life. Rhett was born in Valdosta, Georgia, to mother Paige Braswell and father Rhett Akins. He grew up knowing other singers including Tim McGraw and Brooks & Dunn. He has one younger sister, and two younger half-brothers; one on his mother’s side, and one his father’s side.

Who is Hunter in live in love?

One of Akins’ childhood friends, Hunter, died in a freak accident ahead of her and Rhett’s wedding. He fell off a rope swing into a valley, where he hit his head on rocks and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Where did Lauren meet the baby that they would soon adopt?

Rhett turned to Instagram to introduce their new daughter, whom Lauren met during a trip to Uganda. The adorable then-18-month-old girl was met with enthusiasm from Rhett’s fans, who had become invested in the couple’s adoption story over the course of an arduous year-long process. “Everyone meet Willa Gray Akins!

Did Thomas Rhett take his wife's name?

On Oct. 12, 2012, Thomas Rhett blissfully wed Lauren Gregory (now Lauren Akins), whom Rhett has known since the first grade. … Rhett, whose legal last name is Akins, told Taste of Country that the couple dated for six months when they were 15 — and it didn’t work.

Is Lauren Akins still a nurse?

College Major: Lauren attended nursing school and has a nursing degree from University of Tennessee. Sports Fan: Lauren is a big fan of University of Tennessee football and is also a supporter of the Nashville Predators.