V. N. Janaki

m. 1963–1987

Sathanandavathi Ramachandran

m. 1942–1962

Thangamani Ramachandran

m. ?–1942

Furthermore, who is Jayalalitha husband?

Vedavalli was married to Jayaram son of Narasimhan Rengachary. The couple Jayaram-Vedvalli had two children: a son Jayakumar and a daughter, Jayalalitha. Her mother, her relatives and later co-stars and friends referred to her as Ammu.

Likewise, how many times MGR was CM? Ramachandran (MGR) on 17 October 1972 as a breakaway faction of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). From 1989 to 5 December 2016, AIADMK was led by J. Jayalalithaa, who served six times as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on several occasions.

Keeping this in consideration, who is Mgr son?

Appu Ravindran

When did Mgr die?

December 24, 1987

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Why did Mgr die?

Cardiac arrest

Where did Jayalalitha died?

Chennai, India

What is the real name of Jayalalitha?

Jayalalithaa Jayaraman

Is Shoban Babu a director?

Sobhan (1968 – 6 January 2008) was a Telugu director who was best known for the hit movie Varsham.

How did Jaya die?

Cardiac arrest

Is Queen based on Jayalalithaa?

Queen is a 2019 Indian historical drama web television series. It is based on the novel of the same name by Anita Sivakumaran, which is loosely based on the life of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Where did Jayalalitha studied?

Bishop Cotton Girls' School

Who is the chief of DMK?

DMK was headed by M. Karunanidhi from 1969 to until his death on 7 August 2018. He also served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu five terms.

What is Mgr short for?

Definition of ‘Mgr

1. Mgr. is a written abbreviation for Monsignor. 2. mgr. is a written abbreviation for manager.

Who is the first lady Chief Minister of Tamilnadu?

Janaki Ramachandran (30 November 1923 – 19 May 1996, née Vaikom Narayani Janaki), commonly known as V. N. Janaki, was an Indian politician and activist of Tamil Nadu.

Why was DMK government dismissed in 1991?

President's rule was imposed on Tamil Nadu from 31 January. The reason cited for the dismissal was the deterioration of law and order in the state and the DMK's alleged closeness to the LTTE. The dismissal followed pressure on the Chandra Shekhar government by the Congress and ADMK to dismiss the DMK government.

How many years Karunanidhi was CM?

Muthuvel Karunanidhi (3 June 1924 – 7 August 2018) was an Indian writer and politician who served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for almost two decades over five terms between 1969 and 2011. He had the longest tenure as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with 6,863 days in office.

When did Mgr got Bharat Ratna?

In 1988, then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (1984–89) conferred the Bharat Ratna posthumously on movie actor and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. G. Ramachandran, in a bid to influence voters prior to the Tamil Nadu assembly elections in 1989.

Is Prithviraj related to Mgr?

Behindwoods : Prithiviraj and MGR share a Relation. Prithviraj who was Madhan in Kanaa Kanden did a very impressible role. With offers pouring after this superb performance,the actor has denied them all. He says he did kana kanden only for K.V.

Who is CM of Tamilnadu now?

Karuppa Gounder Palanisamy (born 12 May 1954) known as Edappadi K. Palaniswami is an Indian politician and the current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, having assumed the office on 16 February 2017.

Who will be next CM Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election
YearElectionChief Minister
2006Thirteenth AssemblyM. Karunanidhi (5)
2011Fourteenth AssemblyJ. Jayalalithaa (4) O. Panneerselvam (2) J. Jayalalithaa (5)
2016Fifteenth AssemblyJ. Jayalalithaa (6) O. Panneerselvam (3) Edappadi K. Palaniswami
2021Sixteenth AssemblyTBA

Who is the Tamil Nadu CM 2019?

Edappadi K. Palaniswami ministry
Sl. NoNameDesignation
1.Edappadi K. PalaniswamiChief Minister
2.O. PanneerselvamDeputy Chief Minister
3Dindigul C. SreenivasanMinister for Forests
4.K. A. SengottaiyanMinister for School Education, Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports Development

Which party is ruling in Tamilnadu?

The Indian National Congress was the ruling party of Tamil Nadu for the first twenty years after independence, until a dravidian party, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), swept the 1967 elections.

When was Tamil Nadu formed?