Alight Solutions – Brand new company formed out of AON Hewitt, and owned by Blackstone Group.

In this way, who is the CEO of alight solutions?

Chris Michalak

Beside above, does Aon own alight? The benefits outsourcing unit formerly part of insurance broker Aon Plc and sold to Blackstone Group LP in February has officially re-launched as Alight, according to a statement released Tuesday. According to Bloomberg, Alight will serve roughly 15% of the U.S. working population in more than 1,400 companies.

Similarly, it is asked, what kind of company is alight solutions?

About Alight Solutions Alight is a six-time member of IAOP's Global Outsourcing 100. Learn how Alight drives better business outcomes and employee wellbeing for organizations of all sizes at

Who bought alight?

The IPO could come in the first half of 2019, the four sources said, almost two years after Blackstone acquired Alight from insurance broker Aon Plc (AON. N), in a deal that valued it up to $4.8 billion. It would allow Blackstone to turn a profit by gradually selling its Alight stake in the stock market.

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Is alight a good company?

Great company to work for for 14 years. Looking forward to seeing where Alight goes from here as it continues to grow into one of the top cloud solution companies. The company does a lot for its employees.

Where is alight Solutions located?

Alight Solutions is a business process outsourcing company based in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

How many employees does alight have?


When was alight solutions founded?

May 2017

Who is alight?

About Alight Solutions

As the leading provider of benefits administration and cloud-based HR and financial solutions, we enhance work and life through our service, technology and data. Our 22,000 colleagues across 14 global centers deliver an unrivaled consumer experience for our clients and their people.

Who are alight solutions competitors?

The top 10 competitors in Alight Solutions‘ competitive set are USI, Lockton, HUB, Businessolver, Aon, Willis Towers Watson, Meetings & Incentives, Mercer, bswift and Benefitfocus. Together they have raised over 246.9M between their estimated 145.3K employees.

How many employees does alight solutions have?


What are the benefits of administration?

Benefits administration is the process of creating, updating and managing benefits for the employees of an organization, generally assigned to the HR function. It involves tasks like: creating the benefits program, enrolling new employees in the program, liaising with suppliers and dealing with invoices.

What is UPoint?

UPoint is designed with these consumer-centric expectations in mind, making it easier for employees to find the information, tools and guidance they need to make the right HR and benefit decisions.

Is Wipro acquiring alight solutions?

Wipro to acquire India services of US-based Alight Solutions. “Our focus will be to modernize Alight's core technology assets and further automate its operations to enhance the user experience of Alight's end customers,” Abidali Z. BENGALURU: Wipro said it would acquire Illinois based Alight Solutions‘ India services.

What is Aon Hewitt's new name?

On October 14, 2010 Aon said 1500 to 1800 jobs would be cut. In 2017, part of Aon Hewitt was acquired by Blackstone and rebranded as Alight Solutions.

Who owns Hewitt Associates?


What does Aon stand for?

AONApplication-Oriented Networking (Microsoft – Longhorn)
AONAll or None
AONAlways On
AONActive Optical Network

What does Aon Consulting do?

Aon Hewitt is the world's top global human resource consulting and outsourcing firm, providing a complete array of consulting, outsourcing and insurance brokerage services. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields and help companies of all sizes attract and retain top talent.

Is Aon the same as Aon Hewitt?

Yes and No. Depends which business you are talking about. Aon sold it's Benefits outsourcing business to Alight which is a Blackstone company, however Aon still has a big HR consulting business of erstwhile Hewitt apart from its legacy business of Reinsurance and Brokerage.

Who bought Aon?


How do I contact Aon?

Call us: 1. 800.453. 0567, Mon-Fri 8am-10pm EST, Sat 9am-5pm EST.

How many employees does Aon have?


What does Aon do in the pensions industry?

Aon is the foremost longevity risk adviser in the UK, helping pension plans, insurers and reinsurers understand how long their pensioners are likely to live and how variable this could be.