Kennedy in the cast of PT 109. His portrayal of John F. Kennedy was critically praised. Actor Cliff Robertson became famous for playing this role and had a very fruitful career after this film.
Who played JJ in the last dragon? cast of the last dragon.

Did JFK see the movie PT 109?

After seeing the film, President Kennedy called PT 109 a “good product,” but he worried about the length of the film at 2 hours and 20 minutes. He said, “It’s just a question of whether there’s too much of it”.

Who was JFK's XO on PT 109?

Leonard Thom was born on September 8, 1917, in Sandusky, Ohio, the oldest of eight children. In high school, the husky Lenny played football, lettering in a sport that showcased his natural talents and ever-growing size.

Are any of the PT 109 crew still alive?

Gerard Zinser, the last surviving crewman from the sinking of John F. Kennedy’s PT 109 in the South Pacific in World War II, died on Aug. 21 at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla. … Zinser, who lived in Orange Park, had Alzheimer’s disease, The Associated Press reported.

Who played JFK best?

1. Martin Sheen, “Kennedy” (1983): He played Bobby Kennedy in 1974’s sublime “The Missiles of October,” then went one better by playing the president in arguably the best of the Kennedy miniseries.

What did JFK think of the movie PT-109?

After seeing the film, Kennedy called PT 109 a “good product,” but worried about the two hour, 20-minute length. “It’s just a question of whether there’s too much of it.”

What happened to JFK's older brother Joe during WWII?

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. A US Navy lieutenant, he was killed in action during World War II while serving as a land-based patrol bomber pilot, and posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

Who played Leonard Tom in 109?

PT 109 (1963) – Ty Hardin as Ensign Leonard J.

What was JFK's rank in the Navy?

Rank orderHighest rankPresident
9CaptainAbraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
LieutenantJohn F. Kennedy
Jimmy Carter

Who were the men on PT-109?

The PT 109 crew consisted of John F. Kennedy, Leonard J. Thom, George H. R. “Barney” Ross, Raymond Albert, Charles A.

What happened to JFK's torpedo boat?

In April 1943, 25-year-old John F. Kennedy arrived in the Pacific and took command of the PT-109. Just months later, the boat collided with a Japanese ship, killing two of his men. The most famous collision in U.S. Navy history occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on August 2, 1943, a hot, moonless night in the Pacific.

What happened to the men of PT-109?

On August 1, 1943, a Japanese destroyer rams an American PT (patrol torpedo) boat, No. 109, slicing it in two. The destruction is so massive other American PT boats in the area assume the crew is dead. Two crewmen were, in fact, killed, but 11 survived, including Lt.

Who played John Kennedy in The Kennedys?

Greg Kinnear, “The Kennedys” (2011) • Kinnear played JFK opposite Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy and Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy on the eight-episode miniseries that aired on Reelz Channel.

Who played the president in JFK movie?

Box office$205.4 million
What happened to the survivors of PT-109?

Spilled fuel ignited on the water, causing crews of the other PT boats to assume there had been no survivors. Two crew members were never seen again, but 11 who survived, all wearing life vests, managed to board what was left of PT-109. One had been badly burned and couldn’t swim.

How old was John F Kennedy when he became president?

No.PresidentAge at start of presidency
35John F. Kennedy43 years, 236 days Jan 20, 1961
36Lyndon B. Johnson55 years, 87 days Nov 22, 1963
37Richard Nixon56 years, 11 days Jan 20, 1969
Which president was a 5 star general?

President Eisenhower reached the status of a five-star general while serving as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II (1942-1945). He is one of only nine U.S. officers to have worn the five-star insignia.

What US president did not serve in the military?

President Woodrow Wilson President Woodrow Wilson, whose term was from 1856 to 1924, led the United States through the First World War but he was never in military service. Wilson was elected governor of New Jersey in 1920 and became the U.S 28th President in 1921.

Which president was the best commander in chief?

George Washington is best remembered as the first President of the United States, but there might not ever have been a United States, had Washington not so ably performed in the role for which he seemed to have been born: Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

Did a PT boat ever sink a ship?

During the 1941–42 Philippines Campaign, PT boats were credited with sinking Japanese ships, but postwar assessment denied the claims. The greatest success they had was interdicting Japanese coastal shipping in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea areas.

Who was the captain of patrol boat 109?

PT-109 was an 80′ Elco PT boat (patrol torpedo boat) last commanded by Lieutenant (junior grade) John F. Kennedy, future United States president, in the Pacific theater during World War II. His actions in saving his surviving crew after the sinking of PT-109 made him a war hero.

What was the heroic stunt that JFK did when he was in the Navy?

Navy and Marine Corps Medal citation For extremely heroic conduct as Commanding Officer of Motor Torpedo Boat 109 following the collision and sinking of that vessel in the Pacific War area on August 1–2, 1943.

Why did JFK get a Purple Heart?

Lieutenant John F. Kennedy receives one of the Navy’s highest honor for gallantry for his heroic actions as the commanding officer of a motor torpedo boat during World War II on June 12, 1944. The future president also received a Purple Heart for wounds received during battle.

Was there a real PT 73?

The real PT-73 was a 78-foot Higgins boat assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 13, which saw service in the Aleutians and in the Southwest Pacific theater. On 15 January, 1945 it ran aground, and was destroyed to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

What did PT stand for in PT boat?

PT (Patrol, Torpedo) boats were small, fast, and expendable vessels for short range oceanic scouting, armed with torpedoes and machine guns for cutting enemy supply lines and harassing enemy forces. Forty-three PT squadrons, each with 12 boats were formed during World War II by the U.S. Navy.

Is the movie PT-109 accurate?

Overall, PT-109 does a good job with keeping things accurate. However, they altered one significant part of the story with the sole purpose of writing ethnic minorities out of history. In real life, two native islanders played a pivotal role in rescuing the crew of PT-109.

Were PT boats used in Vietnam?

PTFs were the Vietnam War’s version of the famous PT boats used in World War II. They were heavily armed, near-coastal gunboats, used mostly by special forces.

Are PT boats made of wood?

Wooden-hulled, 80 feet long with a 20-foot, 8-inch beam, the Elco PT boats had three 12-cylinder Packard gasoline engines generating a total of 4,500 horsepower for a designed speed of 41 knots.