Martin Lawrence as Boog, a 900-pound, suave grizzly bear. Ashton Kutcher as Elliot, a hyperactive and clumsy, but quick witted mule deer.

Correspondingly, what is the Bears name in open season?


Likewise, who is the voice of the bear in Open Season 3? Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Matthew J. MunnBoog / Doug (voice)
Anastasia BaranovaAdditional Voices (voice)
Dana BelbenBear Trainer / Cat #2 / Additional Voices (voice)
Ranjani BrowAdditional Voices (voice)
Rachel CraneAdditional Voices (voice)

Herein, who is the voice of the bear in Open Season 2?

Martin Lawrence

Who is the squirrel in Open Season?


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What was the dog's name in open season?

Weenie, or simply known as Weenie, is a character in the Open Season franchise. He is Bob and Bobbie‘s pet dachshund and one of Boog's best friends.

What is boogs teddy bears name?

Boog lives an ordinary, happy life in Timberline with his owner and adoptive mother Ranger Beth (who raised him since he was a cub) and his teddy bear Dinkleman.

Is open season a Disney movie?

Open Season is a 2006 American computer-animated buddy comedy film directed by Jill Culton, Roger Allers and Anthony Stacchi, and written by Steve Bencich and Ron J. It was produced by Sony Pictures Animation as its first theatrical film, and was released by Columbia Pictures on September 29, 2006.

Who made over the hedge?

Produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures, which acquired the live-action DreamWorks studio the same year, the film was directed by Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick (the latter in his directorial debut), from a screenplay by Len Blum, Lorne Cameron, David Hoselton and Kirkpatrick.

Will there be open season 5?

Weenie, McSquizzy and there friends, must rescue Elliot. There will be a open season 6 in 2020. It is the fifth installment in the Open Season film series, following Open Season (2006), Open Season 2 (2008),Open Season 3 (2010), and Open Season: Scared Silly (2015).

What state is open season in?

On February 29, 2004, Leap Year Day, Sony Pictures Animation announced the beginning of the production on its first computer-generated imagery animated film, Open Season. The film location was inspired by the towns of Sun Valley, Idaho and McCall, Idaho, and the Sawtooth National Forest.

Is there an Open Season 4?

Open Season: Scared Silly (also known as Open Season 4 or Open Season 4: Scared Silly) is a 2016 American-Canadian computer-animated buddy comedy direct-to-video film. It is the fourth installment in the Open Season film series. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, it was animated by Rainmaker Entertainment.

What kind of dog is Mr Weenie?


Who voices Mr Weenie in open season?

Cody Cameron

Open Season

Will Townsend

Open Season: Scared Silly

Who voices Boog in Open Season?

Martin Lawrence

Open Season

Mike Epps

Open Season 2

Donny Lucas

Open Season: Scared Silly

Matthew J. Munn

Open Season 3

Who plays the big buck in open season?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification
Martin LawrenceBoog (voice)
Ashton KutcherElliot (voice)
Gary SiniseShaw (voice)
Debra MessingBeth (voice)
Billy ConnollyMcSquizzy (voice)

Is there an open season 3?

Open Season 3. Open Season 3 is a 2010 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation with animation provided by Reel FX Creative Studios. It is the third installment in the Open Season film series, following Open Season (2006) and Open Season 2 (2008).

Who plays the squirrel in Open Season 2?

Elliot tells an exaggerated story to the other forest animals (in order to get out of marrying Giselle) and decides to make a rescue mission to save him. The other ones that go on Elliot's rescue mission are Boog, Giselle, squirrel McSquizzy (Billy Connolly), Buddy the porcupine, (Matthew W.

Who produced Open Season?

Michelle Murdocca