Grange Hill cast: Where are they now 40 years later?
  • Todd Carty (Tucker) Tucker Jenkins was THE Grange Hill hero, and Todd was given his own spin-off called Tucker's Luck for three years in the early 1980s.
  • Erkan Mustafa (Roland)
  • Sean Maguire (Tegs)
  • Amanda Mealing (Tracey)
  • 5. Lee Macdonald (Zammo)
  • John Alford (Robbie)
  • Mark Burdis (Stewpot)
  • John Holmes (Gonch)

Similarly one may ask, who was the PE teacher in Grange Hill?

Mr Geoff “Bullet” Baxter, was a PE teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Grange Hill, from 1979 to 1986, played by Michael Cronin.

Additionally, where are the original cast of Grange Hill?

  • TODD CARTY (Tucker Jenkins)
  • PAUL McCARTHY (Tommy Watson)
  • SARA SUGARMAN (Jessica Samuels)
  • CLAIRE SCOTT – Paula-Ann Bland.
  • LEE MACDONALD (Zammo Maguire)
  • ERKAN MUSTAFA (Roland Browning)
  • VINCENT MATTHEWS (Jeremy Irvine)

In this manner, who was Roland's girlfriend in Grange Hill?

Erkan Mustafa. Erkan Mustafa (born 14 May 1970) is a British actor and television presenter of Turkish Cypriot descent, most noted for the part of Roland Browning in Grange Hill (BBC 1982–1987). Other parts include “Enormous Orphan” in Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988) and “Otto” in Chef! (1991).

What happened to Tucker from Grange Hill?

Tucker would then be absent from the show until 2003, where he would drop off his nephew Togger Johnson at Grange Hill. He returned one final time for the show's last episode in 2008, when telling his nephew not to make the same mistake as he did and leave school early, which led Togger to staying on.

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Who has died from Grange Hill?

Grange Hill star Mark Farmer has sadly passed away at the age of 53. The actor – best known for playing Gary Hargreaves – had reportedly been battling cancer .

What was zammo's girlfriend called?

Unfortunately, a car accident in the early 1990s left Lee unable to pursue with the sport. Lee has made several TV appearances since leaving Grange Hill, including an episode of The Bill in which his love interest was played by Melissa Wilkes – who also played his girlfriend Jackie Wright in Grange Hill.

When did Grange Hill start?

February 8, 1978

How old is Paula Ann Bland?

51 years (May 23, 1968)

What do the cast of Grange Hill look like now?

Here Is What The Cast Of Grange Hill Look Like Today
  • Samual ‘Zammo' McGuire.
  • Christopher ‘Stupot' Stewart. Real name Mark Burdiss did a few TV ads and now works as a Boxing MC.
  • Roland ‘Roly' Browning.
  • Caroline “Calley” Donnington.
  • Robert “Robbie” Wright.
  • Peter “Tucker” Jenkins.
  • Suzanne Ross.
  • Julie Marchant.

Who sang Say No Grange Hill?

Get the Sheet Music License This Song ?

Written by Al Gorgoni and George McMahon, it was released as a 7-inch single in April 1986 by the cast of the children's TV series Grange Hill; the B-side was an instrumental version of the same track. >>

Who did George play in Grange Hill?

George Christopher (born George Wilson, 5th March 1970) is a British actor. He is best known for his teenage role as Liverpudlian scamp Ziggy Greaves in Grange Hill, a role he played from 1986 to 1989.

How did Danny Kendall die in Grange Hill?

Jeremy Irvine drowned in series seven, and Danny Kendall died of an unnamed neurological disorder in series twelve.

How did Grange Hill End?

The announcement was made by CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist just two days before the show's official 30th birthday. Grange Hill ended on Monday 15 September 2008 with a further return appearance by Todd Carty, in which Tucker persuaded his nephew Togger Johnson not to give up on school like he did.

Who said Roland in Grange Hill?

Erkan Mustafa

Who played Janet in Grange Hill?

Simone Nylander

Is Grange Hill on TV?

Grange Hill was a BBC children's drama TV show. The show began its run in 1978 on BBC1, and was one of the longest-running programmes on British television when it ended its run in September 2008. It was created by Phil Redmond, who is also responsible for the Channel 4 soaps Brookside and Hollyoaks.