Restore Folder options

If you cant move icons on desktop on your PC, be sure to check your Folder options. From your Start Menu, open Control Panel. Now click on Appearance and Personalization > File Explorer Options. Now in the View tab, click on Reset Folders, followed by clicking on Restore Defaults.

Also know, why can I not move my desktop icons Windows 10?

Desktop icons will not move after upgrading to Windows 10. Right click in desktop > View > unchecked auto arrange icons and still not able to move any of the icons on the desktop.

Furthermore, why can't I move icons on my desktop Mac? 1. Click on the View menu in Finder and select Clean up to make all icons align properly. 2. If you want your desktop icons to be auto-arranged, you can do so by clicking on the View menu and then hold on the ALT key on the keyboard until you see the “Keep Arranged By” option show up on the View menu.

Similarly, you may ask, how do I keep my desktop icons from moving in Windows 10?

  1. Right click on the desktop.
  2. Select View. Uncheck ‘Auto Arrange Icons'
  3. Arrange your icons in the way you want them.
  4. Right click on the desktop.
  5. Left click Refresh (this is the key for Windows remembering your icon location. There is something that makes Windows forget – sometimes and only sometimes.

Why do my icons move?

In most cases, the “Windows 10 desktop icons moving” issue seems to be caused by an outdated driver for the video card, faulty video card or outdated, corrupted or incompatible drivers, corrupt user profile, corrupt Icon Cache, etc.

Related Question Answers

How can I move icons on my desktop?

To arrange icons by name, type, date, or size, right-click a blank area on the desktop, and then click Arrange Icons. Click the command that indicates how you want to arrange the icons (by Name, by Type, and so on). If you want the icons to be automatically arranged, click Auto Arrange.

Why can't I click and drag?

When drag and drop doesn't work, left click a file in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, and keep the left click mouse button pressed. While the left click button is held down, press the Escape key on your keyboard, once. Release the left click mouse button. Try to drag and drop again.

Why can't I drag things on my desktop?

The solution: Left click a file, keep the left click pressed and then hit the Escape key. When drag and drop doesn't work, left click a file in Windows Explorer or File Explorer, and keep the left click mouse button pressed. Try to drag and drop again. This feature should work now.

How do I save my desktop icon layout?

By Windows system icon, this means you can right-click on My Computer, My Documents, or the Recycle Bin to access the new menu options. Once you have arranged the icons on your desktop in the desired way, go ahead and right-click on My Computer and left-click on Save Desktop Icon Layout.

Why are my icons on the wrong monitor?

Go to Taskbar settings (right click on Taskbar) and scroll down to Multiple displays, apparently you can possible make the desktop icons switch from monitor to monitor by changing “Show taskbar on all displays”.

Can I lock my desktop icons in place?

Although Windows doesn't offer an easy option to lock your desktop icons in place, you can use the auto-arrange and alignment features to keep your desktop icons in order—or you can use a third party app called DeskLock. On Macs, you can sort icons by tag, which keeps them locked in place.

Why is my Mac not letting me drag?

The drag-and-drop issue can be resolved by restarting the Finder app: Press Command+Option+Escape to bring up the Force Quit menu. Choose Finder from the list and click Relaunch to quit and re-open the Finder app.

How do I put icons on my Mac desktop?

How to Make Desktop Shortcuts in macOS
  1. Click on the Finder icon at the bottom left of the screen (the leftmost icon in the Dock).
  2. Right-click on the Folder, File, or Application you'd like to create a shortcut for on the left side of the window.
  3. Select Make Alias.
  4. Click enter and drag the alias to your desktop.

How do I move my desktop icons to the left Mac?

Click “View” in the menu bar and select “Show View Options.” Drag the “Icon Size” slider to the left to make icons smaller or drag it to the right to make them larger. Drag the “Grid Spacing” slider to the left to arrange your icons in a tight grid or drag it to the right to make a larger grid.

How do I move icons on my MacBook Pro desktop?

You can rearrange the icons on your MacBook Pro's desktop manually or by choosing different sorting options.
  1. Click any empty space on the MacBook Pro's desktop.
  2. Drag the “Icon Size” slider to the left to make icons smaller or drag it to the right to make them larger.

How do I unlock my desktop?

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to unlock the computer. Type the logon information for the last logged on user, and then click OK. When the Unlock Computer dialog box disappears, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and log on normally.

How do you drag icons on a Mac?

Drag and drop items on Mac
  1. On your Mac, select an item you want to drag—such as an image or block of text.
  2. Press and hold the trackpad or mouse while you drag the item to a new location. To copy the item, press and hold the Option key while you drag.
  3. Release the trackpad or mouse to drop the item in the new location.