Drake trolled Stephen Curry at Game 1 of the NBA Finals by wearing his dad’s Raptors jersey. Before Stephen Curry was one of the best basketball players on the planet, he was the son of the NBA veteran Dell Curry, who finished his career playing for the Toronto Raptors.
Why did draymond fight Durant? draymond yelling at kd gif.

How did Drake get Dell Curry jersey?

It was nuts,” Martiniello told CBC News from his store. The adventure began around 2 a.m. ET on Monday when a member of Drake’s entourage contacted Martiniello looking for a Dell Curry jersey. “I got that request, I was like, ‘Wow, that is the ultimate troll jersey. ‘”

Why does Drake have a Steph Curry tattoo?

That’s because the rapper apparently has tattoos honoring Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on his left arm. … Drake has a long history with the Warriors. He has attended games at Oracle Arena and jawed with/befriended many of the players, including Curry, Durant and Draymond Green.

Does Drake have a Steph Curry tattoo?

Yes, the NBA Raptors No. 1 fan, Drake, has a Warriors tattoo.

How much did Drake sell Steph Curry's hair lint for?

While some thought it was just a joke, it wasn’t – Drake actually posted the hair lint onto his eBay, and it racked up an insane amount in bids. Bids went for the hair lint over $86,000 USD, according to Business Insider – which is the equivalent of roughly $116,250.

Does Drake have KD tattoo?

Some time around January 2018, Drake got Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s jersey numbers tattooed on his arm. The Curry tat is accompanied by the word “gifted,” a nod to the Curry reference on Drake’s song “Still Here.” The Durant one has “snipe” written below it, a reference to KD’s “Easy Money Sniper” nickname.

Who is tattooed on Drake's back?

Drake’s chest and torso tattoos On Drake’s left torso, two portraits of R&B singer Sade. The two are longtime friends.

Are Drake and Kevin Durant friends?

Kevin Durant and Drake are very close friends. The 2-time NBA champion has often been spotted hanging out with the Grammy-winning artist on multiple occasions, and both are big fans of each other’s work.

Is Drake a Warrior fan?

Oddly, Drake is a huge Warriors fan. He has name-dropped several Warriors in his songs, and he sports arm tattoos in homage to Stephen Curry and Durant.

What does Drake praying hands mean?

Instagram. According to a photo posted by artist Dr. Woo, Drake tattooed a praying hands emoji (don’t you dare say it’s actually a high-five, you nerd) on his arm, which means that Drake is once and for all officially king of the Internet.

Who bought Steph Curry hair lint?

At one point during the game, Drake got face-to-face with Warriors guard Stephen Curry and picked a piece of lint from his hair. Shortly after, Drake posted the piece of lint on eBay, where bids reached as high as $86,000 at one point.

Who is Steph Curry Barber?

Curry’s barber Yusef Wright is one of those people. He works out of Benny Adem Grooming Parlor, just a few blocks away from the Warriors downtown practice court.

Does Drake have a tattoo of Aaliyah?

Canadian rapper and singer, Drake got Aaliyah’s portrait inked on the left side of his back in December 2011. Many surprised reactions arose after the reveal of the portrait tattoo considered Drake had never actually met Aaliyah before her tragic death.

Are Justin Bieber's tattoos real?

In May 2016 Justin did the unthinkable and ACTUALLY got a tattoo on his beautiful face. … “Yes, I did a tattoo. A small cross near the corner of Justin’s eye,” tattoo artist JonBoy revealed to E! news. “It was a representation of his faith in Jesus and his journey with finding purpose in God.”

Why did Drake get Beatles tattoo?

“I got more slaps than the Beatles…”’ The tattoo comes after the rapper overtook the band by having the most songs listed in the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10 after seeing his the 35th song reach the achievement.

What is the tattoo on Kevin Durant's arm?

Tupac inspired Durant with his political work and attitude, which is why he got the tattoo of him. He relates it to himself and learns from Tupac and his firm beliefs..

What are Steph Curry's tattoos?

  • “Woe” on right bicep.
  • Greater than and less than symbol on left bicep.
  • “קרי” symbol on outer side of left wrist.
  • ” האהבה לא תבל לעולם אך” on right wrist.
  • “TCC 30” on inner left wrist.
  • “A” on left ring finger.
  • Wolf, butterfly, and Unicorn tattoo on right leg.
What does OVO stand for?

For the uninitiated, OVO stands for ‘October’s Very Own‘ – a nod to Drake’s month of birth and some handy initials that fit well into the brand’s logo.

Why does Drake have an Aaliyah tattoo?

Drake has always been obsessed with Aaliyah that he even admits publicly that he will admire late Aaliyah until the day he himself leaves this earth. He even wrote a letter in memory of Aaliyah. So for the constant reminder of his undying love for her, he got her portrait tattooed on his back.

What is singer Drake's real name?

Aubrey Drake Graham, rapper, singer, songwriter, actor (born 24 October 1986 in Toronto, ON). ​Aubrey Drake Graham, rapper, singer, songwriter, actor (born 24 October 1986 in Toronto, ON).

What NBA team does Drake support?

But Drake is more than a fan; he’s been the team’s official “global ambassador” since 2013, when he and his brand OVO (October’s Very Own) announced a partnership with the Raptors.

What basketball team did Drake play for?

Drake Plays Basketball at UCLA in Kentucky Uniform. Music superstar Drake took time out of his busy schedule to play some hoops at UCLA on Tuesday, but he remained loyal to his favorite program while doing so.

Did Drake buy the Raptors?

Even when his career keeps him out of Toronto, his partnership with the Raptors is never far from his mind. On Wednesday, Drake and the Raptors announced that their partnership is not only continuing for the foreseeable future, it’s expanding.

What does the owl on Drake's back mean?

Meaning and history Similar to Drake, owls are nocturnal creatures (Drake mentioned that it is at night that he “comes alive”). The owl symbolizes wisdom, which may imply that Drake’s music has a deeper meaning to it. Also, there may be link with Harry Potter’s pet.

What are Kanye's tattoos?

  • ‘The Roman Numerals’ Tattoo. Tattoo: The Roman Numerals XI. …
  • ‘The Favorite Songs’ Tattoo. …
  • ‘The Dragon’ Tattoo. …
  • ‘The Lady and The Child’ Tattoo. …
  • ‘Four-m design’ Tattoo.
Who did Drake's tattoos?

Drake just got some fresh ink, and it was done in honour of late fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Los Angeles-based artist and founder of Ganga Tattoo, Joaquin Ganga, shared on his Instagram the micro-realistic tattoo he did for Drake.

Did Curry get a hair cut?

After a disappointing end to their road trip, Curry got a cut and the Warriors got back in the win column. Of course, perhaps Curry just felt his hair was getting a little shaggy and didn’t have some superstitious reason for the cut. Either way, sometimes a little change is just what the doctor MVP ordered.

Who is Drake obsessed with?

Drake loves Aaliyah. Period. Ever since he dropped out of the sky and into a swirling storm of fame, Drake has made it abundantly clear that he will admire the late Aaliyah Dana Haughton until the day he himself leaves this earth.

What song did Drake sample from Aaliyah?

Aaliyah Song Sampled: “Quit Hatin” Drake (under the pseudonym C.

Who was obsessed with Aaliyah?

Although Drake never worked with the late singer, his “obsession” with Aaliyah is well-known. He has referenced her work in songs, he penned a letter to her on the ninth anniversary of her death, he wears an earpiece with her face on it during every show and has two tattoos dedicated to her.