First, try logging out and then log back into the App Store on your iPhone – that should fix it: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Tap on Apple ID at the top of the screen, then hit Sign Out. Log in again using your Apple ID and password.

Also question is, why won't the App Store load on my iPhone?

Sometimes, problems loading the App Store can be solved by signing out and back in with your Apple ID. First, open the Settings app and then choose iTunes & App Store. A menu will appear with your Apple ID. Tap your Apple ID and then tap Sign Out.

One may also ask, can't connect to Apple App Store?

  1. Turn on Airplane mode, wait a few seconds and turn off Airplane mode by going to Settings > Airplane Mode.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Restart your Wi-Fi router, you can unplug and wait a few seconds and plug back in.
  4. Restart your modem, you can unplug and wait a few seconds and plug back in.

Similarly one may ask, how do I enable the app store on my iPhone?

Change your App Store settings Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store, then do any of the following: Automatically download apps purchased on your other Apple devices: Below Automatic Downloads, turn on Apps.

How do I enable my account in the app store and iTunes?

  1. Select your region to redirect to your region's iTunes support page.
  2. Scroll and click on “Contact Apple Support.”
  3. Click on “iTunes Store: Purchasing music, movies, apps, and books.”
  4. Select “Account Management.”
  5. Choose “Account disabled in the App Store and iTunes Store alert.”
  6. Schedule a call with Apple Support.

Related Question Answers

How do I clear my app store cache?

To clear the App Store cache, tap the “App Store” icon on your Home screen. Tap ten times on any one of the buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the App Store screen (Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search, or Updates). The App Store empties its cache and reloads with everything current and updated.

Why cant I download apps from the App Store?

An iPhone that can't download apps may be a sign that something is up with your Apple ID. If the connection made by your Apple ID between your iPhone and the App Store gets disrupted, sometimes simply signing out and signing back in will fix it. To do that, tap Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out.

Why are my apps not downloading?

If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn't work then you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy. You need to go into your Settings and hit Application manager or Apps. From there, find the Google Play Services app (the puzzle piece).

Why is my account disabled in app store and iTunes?

Often this message (“Apple ID has been disabled”) means that you have a billing issue–usually an unpaid iTunes or App Store order. If you can still access your account information, check your billing information and update your payment method and any other settings.

How do you reset an iPhone app?

Restoring an iPhone app to its default settings #

Delete the app on your iPhone by holding on the app's icon for a couple of seconds (hold until the icons start to wiggle), then tap the x in the top left corner of the app icon, then tap Delete. Launch the App Store app. Search for the app and tap the price to buy it.

Is the Apple store offline?

Apple Store Is Totally Offline Worldwide, Could It Have Crashed While Apple Updated With A New Product [Updated] For the past several hours, the Apple Store has been down, but unlike when we usually say that, Apple's seemingly not doing just maintenance… instead, seems to have totally crashed.

Why is my app store disabled?

In any case, the message you may see about your Apple ID being disabled is typically caused by security problems. The most common reasons an Apple ID gets disabled or locked are: Someone tried to log in to your Apple ID incorrectly too many times. Someone entered your security questions incorrectly too many times.

Where is app store account settings?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Open the Settings app. Tap your name, then tap iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in.

Where is app settings on iPhone?

Open the Settings app on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. At the primary Settings app screen, tap and pull down on the settings screen to reveal the “Search” box at the top of the Settings screen.

How do I Undisable my app store and iTunes account?

On your iOS device, Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store and Sign Out. Then Sign in using your new Apple ID password. On Mac, open App Store (Store > Sign Out) and iTunes (Account > Sign Out) and then sign out and then sign in.

How do I turn off in app purchases 2019?

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your passcode, then turn on Content & Privacy. Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases. Tap In-app Purchases and set to Don't Allow.

Can you download an app without an Apple ID?

Install Apps on iPhone without Apple ID via Tu Tu helper

Tu tu helper is one of the best alternate versions which helps you search for the app and you can download it easily without the need to enter your Apple ID. All you have to do is tap on the ‘install‘ option.

How do you change app download settings on iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Under Automatic Downloads, turn on or turn off Apps.

How do I manage Apple purchases?

Open the Music app or iTunes. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, choose Account, then click View My Account. On the Account Information page, scroll down to Purchase History. Next to Most Recent Purchase, click See All.

Can't connect to App Store iOS 13?

How To Fix Apple iPhone On iOS 13.1 Cannot Connect To App Store
  1. Solution 1: Check App Store Status System.
  2. Solution 2: Check WiFi or Data Connection.
  3. Solution 3: Set Date & Time Settings to Automatic.
  4. Solution 4: Sign out and in the Apple Account.
  5. Solution 6: Reboot iPhone.
  6. Solution 7: Reset All Settings.
  7. Connect with us.

Why can't ti connect to playstore?

Clear the Play Store cache. The Google Play Store app on your Android device stores some cache data on your device which could be one of the reasons why you are not able to connect to Google servers using the app and keep getting the “No connection – Retry” error message. Then, tap on the “Clear cache” button.

How do you get apps that are not available in your country?

How to Install Android Apps Not Available in Your Country
  1. Open the VPN app and select the country where the app is available.
  2. Then, go to Settings->Apps->Google Play Store and tap “Storage“.
  3. Once done, go to Google Search and search for the app you want to install and tap the Play Store link you get in the search results.
  4. The link will open up in the Play Store.

How do I download a region locked app on iOS?

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings ->iTunes & App Store. Tap on your existing Apple ID and select “Sign Out” if you have one signed in. Now, sign in using your newly-created Apple ID. When you're done, just open the App Store, and you'll be able to download regionlocked games!

How do I change my App Store country on iOS 13?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name, then tap iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID.
  4. Tap Country/Region.
  5. Tap “Change Country or Region.” If you don't see “Change Country or Region,” contact Apple Support.